Diffuser Reeds

Diffuser Reeds
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All natural, responsibly harvested rattan makes the best diffuser reed. Ours are 3mm in diameter, for maximum flow or "wicking" of reed diffuser oil. The slightly wider reed also helps get thicker fragrances "airborne".

We're really picky about our reeds, and here's why: lots of reeds on the market are not cut in a clean manner with a sharp blade. If that happens, the 20 or more tubes or "cells" that make up the reed get compressed, and aren't able to carry fragrance to the top. Our reeds are cut on equipment made in Germany that gives a clean cut every time, so the reed can carry lots of fragrance.

Place as many Diffuser Reeds in a jar of reed diffuser oil as you'd like. We find that 3-5 works just fine, but many people add more (8,10,12+). Know that the more reeds you use, the more fragrance is released, and the quicker the liquid is used up.

Imported from Indonesia


Length 10 5/8 inches
Diameter 3 mm

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