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LX Wick Sample Kit


Tab Size:20 x 6 mm
Wax Coating:Natural

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Need candle wick for paraffin candles?

Try our LX Wick Sample Kit

Perfect for deciding which wick will work best for you, the LX wick sample kit contains 5 pretabbed wicks of each size in the LX series and is the recommended wick for paraffin wax.

The consistent flame produced by LX wicks works well for paraffin containers, votives and pillars, ensuring even melting and heating of the wax.

LX wick is a specially braided flat all cotton wick with a rigid structure for easy pouring.

The range of wick sizes in the sample pack can be used to create tea light, votive, container and pillar candles.

Sample kit includes 5 wicks of the following sizes:
(Total of 50 wicks)

- LX 12 3"
- LX 14 6"
- LX 16 6"
- LX 18 6"
- LX 20 6"
- LX 22 6"
- LX 24 6"
- LX 26 6"
- LX 28 6"
- LX 30 6"

For more information on wicking see our Wick Guide.

CandleScience provides wick suggestions and recommendations only as a starting point for your own testing.