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Posted April 12, 2018

What Happened with the Soy Wax Industry in 2017

2017 saw several big developments with two major soy wax manufacturers, AAK, also known as Golden Brands, and EcoSoya. While there are many details relevant to the soy wax story, we thought we’d try to summarize what happened.

First, let’s discuss the major changes with EcoSoya.

In 2016, the FDA ruled that Partially Hydrogenated Oils were no longer safe for use in foods. The manufacturing facility that produced soy wax for EcoSoya, which focuses primarily on food products, decided to stop production of all hydrogenated oils. Without a production facility, EcoSoya discontinued their original wax line but proceeded with launching a new line of reformulated soy waxes. The process of fine-tuning the formula and transitioning to a new facility led to more downtime than expected, but, by the end of July 2017, they officially released the new line of Quantum Soy Wax. And, as of this recording, they have relaunched the PB pillar and CB Advanced soy waxes.

Now, let’s talk about AAK.

While the FDA ruling forced EcoSoya to make radical changes to its product line and manufacturing, AAK did not have to because they operate a manufacturing facility with dedicated production lines specifically for the candle industry.  But, that is not the whole story.

Previously, AAK operated multiple production lines at its main facility. One of them went down last September, which led to the severe outage in the fall. It's a very long story, but when the line went down, they decided to make some equipment upgrades that extended the downtime.

During this period they were running their existing line around the clock, moving material through it as quickly as possible. That resulted in a production schedule that was much different than usual. While the product was in spec, there were variations between batches.

It’s important to remember that soy wax is a natural product. It can vary according to the origin of the source oil, time of year, and a number of other factors. In the same way you can't buy two apples that look identical, no two batches of soy wax will be exactly the same.

The difference here is that the production method at AAK had been stable for a long time, but changed last fall. While the formula remains the same, the influx in their production facility, coupled with the natural variations in the materials, made for a product that was less stable than usual from batch to batch.

Things have stabilized now, and we're hoping that the resulting AAK waxes for 2018 will have less variance.

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Statement from NGI | November, 2016

Recently the FDA ruled that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) are no longer safe for food. This has had a huge impact on our industry given the majority of vegetable waxes are made with PHOs as well as our EcoSoya® soy waxes. As a result, our current production facility is closing. It has been our assurance from our supplier all along that we would have a smooth transition out of that facility. Unfortunately, that is not the case. They have made recent business decisions during this busy season, affecting our timeline and availability of EcoSoya®. The facility is closing December 31st. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s short-term needs but production constraints are making new order fulfillment unlikely prior to the facility closing. Our goal during this transition is to provide you the highest level of communication and customer service. We at EcoSoya® greatly appreciate your loyalty and patience during this challenging time.

Now the GOOD NEWS!

As you know EcoSoya has been the absolute leader in soy wax technology and performance. Heck, we started this industry over 20 years ago with research dating back to 1992. We recognized that all currently available soy and vegetable waxes needed to improve and we have been doing something about it for you. For many years now we have been conducting research on the next better generation of soy wax technology. Effective early 2017, we will have these higher performing soy waxes available to order. More details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.

Statement from AAK | February, 2018

AAK is proud to offer the same industry leading botanical wax products we have always made. The Golden Wax we manufacture today is the same Golden Wax we have manufactured for over a decade.

In the near future, you will see labeling and product code changes to comply with new government regulations.

We thank you for your continued patronage and are committed to continue to offer Golden Wax products you have come to know and trust.

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