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Unfortunately, this product will be discontinued when stock runs out.


The dye block sample pack includes one dye block of every classic color in our dye block line:

  • Brown
  • Canary Yellow
  • Forest Green
  • Lavender
  • Navy Blue
  • Pink
  • Pumpkin
  • Red
Candle dye blocks are simple to use and produce vibrant colors in both soy and paraffin. Our sample packs are packed in foil bags that virtually eliminate color from bleeding through the bag and staining other surfaces.

Dye blocks can easily break in half for coloring small batches of wax.


  • 1 full block per 2 pounds of soy wax
  • 1 full block per 4 pounds of paraffin wax
  • Made in the USA
    Application Candles Only
    Prop 65 Warning Required No

    Average Rating:

    (based upon 8 reviews)

    Loving the colors

    I am legally blind and am just getting into candle making I can see bright colors better than anything so the great selection of colors in this pack is incredible. Thanks candle science. I’ve been giving you due props on my Facebook page. Ou have a great selection for the visually impaired, and the scents are incredible!

    A perfect introduction to using dye blocks at a great price! Each color comes in 2 blocks, which is plenty for small batches if you are testing the waters with colors. They did blend well in soy wax (tested 444 and 464 so far). When testing the purple, I chipped off small pieces no bigger than fingernail clippings to test how it would melt into 1 lb of wax. It's a bit like salting food: you can always add more but you can't take it out once there is too much. I highly recommend it if you're feeling creative.

    Works wonderfully!

    These color blocks work great for all of our candles. Even just a little, adds such great color to the wax!


    I’ve always used these with making my candles, they are great

    Great Soy Performance

    Using GB Soy Wax, I have tried these Dye Blocks as well as the Reddi-Glow Chips and the Liquid Dye from Candle Science. Dye Blocks are definitely the best performance have I experienced. Not only is the color saturation intense in the soy wax, but also there is minimal frosting. The Chips and the Liquid have produced extensive frosting on my soy candles in both light and dark shades using the same wax and the same methods (meaning I warm all my glass candle containers in the oven as the soy cools in melting pot, to avoid the temperature extremes that can lead to frosting).


    I have never gotten a true red with liquid dyes, varying shades of pink, but these are a true red and tremendously easy!!! Love them!

    Great for beginners

    The colors are all beautiful. Mixed well in gb464 soy wax. I just finished my Christmas candles and the colors are wonderful


    I am very happy with this purchase. The colors shave off/break off great. They melt perfectly in wax. Its the perfect purchase if your just getting into using colored wax.