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Product Update- Due to raw material sourcing, our purple liquid dye formulation and concentration has changed. We recommend using the following guide to achieve an optimal shade of color. - 4 drops or .018% per pound of wax
- 8 drops or .037% per pound of wax for darker colors Our liquid candle dyes are packaged in plastic containers with plastic droppers for easier shipping.

1oz colors 100 lbs soy or 200 lbs paraffin to a medium shade.
4oz colors 400 lbs soy or 800 lbs paraffin to a medium shade.

Fragrance Oil Recommendations: White Sage and Lavender, Love Spell, Sweetgrass and Violet, Hydrangea, Lavender, Hibiscus Palm, Plumeria

Deep, rich colors are difficult in soy. They require 2-3 times the dye that paraffin requires, sometimes more. Note that standard dye amounts create a washed-out, pastel color in soy. We suggest making a test swatch to figure out the dye amount you will need to get the color you'd like.

Due to the extreme concentration of our liquid dyes there is a noticeable odor that will not be detectable at normal usages in finished candles.

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Made in the USA

Application Candles and Wax Melts Only
Prop 65 Warning Required No

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Good, buuuuuut...

The dye is great. Its very pigmented and the only complaint I really have is it isn't UV safe. I took the candle outside to show a friend and had it sitting in the direct sunlight for an hour or two and now one side of the candle is a much more faded color. Not a dealbreaker by any means, and personally I think the faded look is cool, but I think its good to know. I haven't had this problem before in my admittedly limited candle making experience, and if it matters I used the 4630 paraffin wax.

great dyes

The only company I buy my liquid dyes from. Some don't realize that in soy type of wax you will need to add more to get a true color. In paraffin you use less. These are great true color dyes.

Purple Dye

I bought this to try the liquid dye instead of block dye. Happy with purchase. Candles came out a beautiful color.


I LOVE this color and so pretty when I see the results in my candles!


Candle Science is the only place I buy my dyes for soy and paraffin candles. It does take more for soy versus paraffin. A tip that I've always done is after you add your FO, add your dye, stir well then drop a few drops on a paper plate, if too light, add more dye. Take notes! (I add my FO before my dye because some FO's do discolor dyes and I want a true color test)