3 x 3.5 Round Pillar Candle Mold Product Photo
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Make beautiful pillar candles quickly and easily with our round pillar candle molds. These seamless aluminum candle molds feature a wick access hole for easy wicking and a concave top.

Recommended waxes for pillar candle molds:
- Blended Waxes® Pillar Soy Wax (BW-921)
- Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax
- IGI 4625 Paraffin Wax
- IGI 1239 Paraffin Wax  

Learn how to wick a pillar mold here!

How Much Wax will my Mold Hold?

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Made in the USA


Height 3.5 inches
Diameter 3 inches
Hole Yes
Top Concave
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 12 reviews)


In order to have the candle slide out of the mold easily you should lightly put mineral oil on the inside of the mold. The addition of stearic acid (4 % by weight) helps the wax contract when cooled. The aluminum is soft compared to steel molds so you need to be careful and not scratch the inner walls.


Owner of Karen's Uniquely

Prior to using this mold, I had only ever made container candles, so I had no experience with molds/pillar candles. The first candle I made turned out PERFECTLY. The second candle I made was GORGEOUS! Every single one since then has surpassed my expectations! The process is easy and the result is so satisfying. High quality stuff you've got here, Candlescience! Thank you!

Karen S

Love it!

I wish I could post a picture of how much I loved using all three molds: 3.5x3.5, 3.5x4.5, 3.5x6.5
They all performed excellent!
Tips: To remove easier...put in freezer for 5 minutes after they've set up overnight.
To clean molds without a spray, simply put in over for 10 minutes at 200 degrees and wipe out with a paper towel.


Kept getting stuck

I make beeswax candles and bought these to use. I followed heating instructions and even contacted customer service and followed their tips. I could not get the candles to unmold consistently. Usually 8 out of 10 times they would stick and I'd have to re-melt and try again. It was taking way too long to make a batch of candles so I ultimately returned. I ended up with silicone molds and they work like a dream. I did give three because of the good customer service but product itself I would've given a 1 or 2.


Owner of NC Farm Girl Gifts

My first time at making a pillar candle and I'm hooked! My first candle came out beautifully. I used a little mold release spray and it slid right out. I had zero leakage using Sculpey clay I already had. I put a little clear shipping tape over the clay, but I don't think it was necessary as I didn't see a drop of wax escape. I have now made 5 candles in 3 different batches. I had to repair 3 but the first and 5th candles came out perfectly. I heated the mold prior to pouring the last time and poured around 135 degrees. Maybe beginners luck, but I'm happy! Thanks Candle Science!


Does the job

First time user here, didn't buy anything to cover the hole on the bottom because i didn't realize it was there (oops), may try some of those molds or stickers next time. Used duct tape and it ended up all over the tray. Aside from that its great and i really do like the concave look better than some of the other options (when i finally nailed down the technique, at least). Arrived in 2 days.


New to candle making. Used this mold with the 1343 paraffin and the candles slipped right out with no problem and no mold release used.



I found this candle mold to work extremely well. It makes beautiful flawless candles every time. I used the eco-soy pillar wax. Never had to pretreat the mold once. I used a little modeling clay around the inserted wick and stabilized it using a wick holder and poured my wax. let it sit over night before removing. It's that easy. Well worth the money.


love seamless molds

Love the concave top and seamless sides. Candle unmolds easily. If you can't get it unmolded then you either didn't put enough FO or oil in your wax or it's not completely cooled. Don't forget your wick pins!!!


Creative person gone wild!

These molds are great, it took a like to great it perfect, I tried oiling the mold with olive oil, still had some issues, so I went to a solid veggie shortening, works great, if you have trouble with cracking, just insult the candle during the cool down, (I kind of banged my head on this one, sinse I am a soap maker and I always insult my soap). Thanks so much - these will be a great addition to my other line of handcrafted products.

Wanda B

great mold!!!

I love this mold! the candles come out looking flawless and they're super easy to pull out. only once have I had trouble removing a candle and 5 minutes in the refrigerator fixed that problem. love the smooth finish!

Holly A


Pillar mold is not good at all. I could not pull the candle from it. I was disappointed with the product. I try many times but not possible.