3 x 4.5 Round Pillar Candle Mold with red pillar candle
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Make beautiful pillar candles quickly and easily with our round pillar candle molds. These seamless aluminum candle molds feature a wick access hole for easy wicking and a concave top.

Recommended waxes for pillar candle molds:
- Blended Waxes® Pillar Soy Wax (BW-921)
- Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax
- IGI 4625 Paraffin Wax
- IGI 1239 Paraffin Wax

Learn how to wick a pillar mold here!

How Much Wax Will my Mold Hold?

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Made in the USA


Height 4.5 inches
Diameter 3 inches
Hole Yes
Top Concave
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 10 reviews)

Beautiful candles

I decided to make my own pillar candles because they tend to be expensive and most commercially available candles are made of paraffin wax. I am soooo glad I decided to buy these molds. They were incredibly easy to use and the resulting candles were gorgeous.
A couple tips: Some wax can leak out of the bottom of the mold if your seal isn't tight. I put the molds on a cookie sheet, so the leaks weren't a big deal. After a few hours (or overnight) of letting the wax cool, put the molds in the freezer for a few minutes. The candles really pop right out.


Love it!

I wish I could post a picture of how much I loved using all three molds: 3.5x3.5, 3.5x4.5, 3.5x6.5
They all performed excellent!
Tips: To remove easier...put in freezer for 5 minutes after they've set up overnight.
To clean molds without a spray, simply put in over for 10 minutes at 200 degrees and wipe out with a paper towel.


First pillar - success (but challenging)

I made my first pillar but it was a challenge. The first time pouring turned out to be a disaster as I didn't seal the bottom well enough and the wax just went right into the pan the mold was sitting in. Phew, I was actually thinking. Hehehe... So another go round with a LOT more duct tape and success! A little wax still seeped out but nothing like the first time. I used IGI 4625 and did have to do a second pour to fill in the sink hole. After a few minutes in the freezer, it popped right now and was completely smooth. This will go to my first paying customer! Definitely going to look at some other options to help seal the wick hole but overall, the mold is excellent.

Jennifer Young


Perfect in every way! I made a pillar with this mold using Ecosoya PB wax, an LX wick, Sugar Cookie scent and beige dye. Perfect! I highly recommend CS molds. High quality and excellent prices!

Kim A.


My first try at soy Pillars turned out perfect. I used Ecosoya PB, and LX22 Wicking to make a couple of perfect candles. This size mold holds just about one pound of wax which makes it a very handy size. Here we go again...a whole new line of candles for me. Thanks Candle Science.

Charles Grantland - Baltimore, Maryland


Made my first ever pillar candle today using this mold with the soy pillar blend wax...came right out of the mold beautifully..it's a perfect candle...put a very light coat of olive oil on the mold because it was new, then sprayed a light coat of mold release spray right before I poured the candle...perfect results...thank you Candle Science...💜

Rhonda Maner


I used Ecosoya PB wax with no fragrance or color for my first try just to see how the candle would come out, and it was perfect! no problems at all. For my second try, I then added 2 orange chips and 1oz of Jamaica Me Crazy fragrance oil per 1lb of the same wax I mentioned above with an LX22 wick with a pour temp of 140-5°. I ended up with a hole at the bottom of my candle and had to do a second pour. I left it overnight and it came out beautifully. The fragrance is amazing too! I only wish that there was a video for making pillars and more details as to what is the best pour temp. But practice makes perfect!

Betsy Thomas

Best Molds of ALL!

These are by far the best molds I have ever used. The bottom is concave so you have a wax well built into the top of the candle but you also have plenty of room for putty AND I use HVAC DUCT Tape (it is like aluminum foil) and never have leaks. The previous poster gave a one star because she didn't have putty. A novice mistake which has absolutely nothing to do with these molds. They are perfect - no seam - I don't clean them I just reuse them. They do not require silicone spray and my candles slide right out of these fabulous molds. Well worth the money! Will last years with heavy use. I love them and so do my customers who buy my candles.


Lovely results!

My first attempt at making pillar candles and I formed the perfect pillars! I used these metal candle molds along with the wick pins.
I also used the Ecosoy for pillars, the liquid die and silicone spray.
I put a wick sticker on the bottom to cover the hole, dropped the wick pin in and sprayed it with silicone. I had no problem removing my candle once it was set.


So this my first attempt making pillar candles I called candle science for advice on what to seal the bottom of the mold with because they don't sell putty. The lady recommended duct tape, definitely do not do that! I'm glad I only tried making one candle to start because wax leaked everywhere! It was awful! Literally worst advice of all time.