Flared Votive Candle Mold

Flared Votive Candle Mold
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These seamless 15-hour flared votive candle molds are manufactured from steel and are perfect for creating your own votive candles. Each flaired votive mold holds 2 oz. of wax, yielding 8 candles per pound of wax. Candles made with this mold typically have a burn time of 15 hours.

Can be used with the Votive Wick Pin for easy wick placement.

Please use caution when handling votive candle molds, as the edges can be sharp. These molds are coated with oil to prevent the steel from rusting. Carefully wipe off excess with paper towel. Don't use soap and water.

Recommended waxes for votive candle molds:
- Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax
- IGI 4794 Votive Blend


Height 2"
Diameter 1.9" Top | 1.5" Bottom

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Flared Votive Candle Mold
Submitted on 2015-08-13

I followed all the directions and recommendations and every votive has come out orange around the outside. They don't just pull out I have to use players to pull them out with a lot of force. So I am not happy at all with this purchase. Will be calling to get more advice as what is going on. I have made a dozen so far 3 different batches and all turn out the same.

Great but...
Submitted on 2015-03-17

Bought 10 molds & wick pins, easy to use & works great. Votives pop out with no trouble. Reason I'm giving 4 stars, using these for the 1st time, some reason I got black markings from the mold on my votives after curing, only have them on some of the candles. I did wipe them down with paper towel & alcohol. Maybe that could be it or I didn't wipe it good enough

Great molds
Submitted on 2014-10-02

I got three of these. I may need to get more. They work great. I use these with soy wax and I usually don't have a problem with it sticking. If it does stick I just pop them in the freezer for a few minutes and they come right out.

You definitely have to be very careful with the edges. They are most definitely SHARP. Knowing that they're really sharp, I'm just careful with it and I don't have a problem. Just be careful.

These are the easiest mold EVER!
Submitted on 2014-04-12

These are the easiest mold EVER! My first try with Pillar Soy PERFECT! Thanks CS!

Sharp edges are too sharp
Submitted on 2013-05-17

I bought these as they are very reasonable priced and I get most of my scents from here and my soy container wax. I unwrapped them and wiped the grease off the molds before using but there needs to be a disclosure about how sharp these actually are. I sliced my finger all the way across the tip from one end to the other and it was not pretty.

Just a little sandpaper
Submitted on 2013-03-23

to smooth the sharp edge of the votive molds just run a small piece of emery cloth around the sharp rim before using. gets rid of that sharp edge

great little candles
Submitted on 2012-01-06

I originally bought 10 of these molds and loved them so much that I bought 10 more. I use ecosoy pillar blend wax and the candle pops right out. When I recieved them all I did was wipe them out with paper toweling and they work great no stains on the finished candle. One word of caution though they will cut you if your finger comes in contact with the top of the mold as I found out twice thinking I was being careful. Now I am even more careful and think I will wear latex gloves when wiping them out.I Absolutely love these molds.

Votive Molds
Submitted on 2011-12-09

I have found that rubbing the edge with 400 grit sandpaper takes care of the wicked little burrs left from the machine process. The molds will still have a sharp edge, just like candlescience said it would, but not as bad. Also, any petroleum based cleaner, like Goo Gone, takes care of the oil coating.

Have had great luck with them
Submitted on 2011-01-19

Please keep in mind that these are $0.59 steel molds -- they are cheap and they are rough, but I have had great performance out of mine, with NO sticking using paraffin waxes.

To clean to grease off, separate the tins apart, remove the packing peanuts between the molds, and then put them in the sink and fill with boiling water, and add some dish detergent or degreaser (Greased Lightning, Purple Power, whatever). Let them soak, then scrub them out really well. I had no problems with the grease after that.

Also, the way that these are made is going to cause some metal discoloration -- it is from the heat treatment of the metal.

Anyway, great molds, no problems at all with mold release, even without release spray.

Votive Mold (Flaired Top)
Submitted on 2011-01-09

I like these molds and while there have been some bad reviews about them I found that they cleaned easily with Goo Gone and that, yes, the edges are sharp(one small cut). All in all, I like they, there performed well and I will get some more, with the pins this time.

Submitted on 2010-03-20

Im a first time candle maker,,and I think these molds work Great!Perfect votives every time!

My votives turn out great!
Submitted on 2009-11-08

I am pleased with the results I have with this mold. Yes,the packing grease has to be wiped off; this is disclosed in the product description! The reason for the grease is also disclosed, therefore, it is necessary! I use palm wax, exclusively for now, and it can be a little tricky, but my results have been good!