Senior Data Analyst - CandleScience
The Position: Senior Data Analyst

We are hiring a Senior Data Analyst to help us answer questions and make better decisions about our business.

What does this position entail?

As a CandleScience Senior Data Analyst, you must be very comfortable working with large sets of structured and unstructured data from a wide range of sources. Experience with SQL, coding (Python / R), and data visualization is required. We’re committed to Postgres for our app so some familiarity will be helpful in your position, but we are open-minded about languages and graphical tools.

As we've grown from a single colocated LAMP server to a complicated cluster, so has our data. Experience with data warehousing technologies and techniques will be extremely beneficial.

What kinds of things will you work on?

Our Senior Data Analyst will have the opportunity to work across all the different departments at CandleScience. On any given day, you may be working with our marketing team to analyze social media campaigns; our operations department to verify a manufacturing forecast; or our programming team to help A/B test a new front-end feature.

Projects you may be tasked to tackle include:

  • Analyze data from our digital marketing campaigns and compare them to our customer data to determine the CAC by channel. Determine if the acquisition channel affects LTV.
  • Build a model of customers based on sales, digital marketing, and customer service data. Identify which small hobbyist customers might become larger business customers.
  • Determine if we are maintaining the correct inventory levels in our Reno, NV distribution center.
  • Work with the warehouse team to optimize product picking placement in our warehouses. Build models to minimize restocking.
Who is our ideal candidate?

To succeed in this position, you must be a curious self-starter with excitement about working across our different departments. You should be a clear, strong writer with an interest in sorting through the data to discover the narrative within—and when you find it, you’re excited to share it with the rest of the company.

Generalists do well at CandleScience. While we do expect you to have experience performing similar work elsewhere, we are open to a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

To Apply

Please write to us and let us know why you're the right person for the job. We want to hear about how you've solved issues in the past or how you'd approach some of the projects listed above. Email your resume and a cover letter to Incomplete applications will not be considered. No phone calls, please!

Work Life

Headquartered in Durham, NC, we’re surrounded by great restaurants, cultural activities, and sporting events. Also known as one of the “Tastiest Towns of the South,” Durham is one of the best places to live and work.


Big company benefits with small company culture! We provide comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage with low deductibles. All employees receive employer match for retirement contributions of up to 3% of annual earnings. We have liberal vacation policies and offer additional benefits including technology stipends, annual bonuses, discounted gym memberships, and company paid life and disability insurance.

About Us

CandleScience develops and sells candle and soap making supplies. Our customers vary in size from candle and soap entrepreneurs to seasonal hobbyists. We began in 2004 as a two-person startup, and have become the market leader in the industry.

We work hard to develop natural and safe products that push the boundaries of candle and soap making. Our success is a result of our focus on web development, product development, and operations.

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