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Distinctive Fall Centerpiece

If you're looking for a unique and creative project, here's an idea for a beautiful Fall centerpiece.

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Fall Fragrance Recommendations

Looking for a great fall fragrance? Check out our favorite scents for the fall season!

Pumpkin Souffle Fragrance Oil

Pumpkin Souffle

Our Best pumpkin fragrance for soy candles, with notes of butter, sugar, and spices.

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Apple Harvest Fragrance Oil

Apple Harvest

Our Apple Harvest has year-round appeal but is especially nice around apple picking time.

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Caramel Popcorn Fragrance Oil

Caramel Popcorn

Sweet and Salty, our Caramel Popcorn is true to the classic American confection.

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Pomegranate Cider Fragrance Oil

Pomegranate Cider

This is a great seasonal scent for those of you who prefer a little twist.

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New Season, New Scents!

We've added THREE fantastic new scents.

Capture the essence of this much loved beverage with notes of black tea, cinnamon and vanilla sweetness. Perfect for creating a warm and inviting feeling during the fall and holiday season.

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This is one scent we've been looking for for years. A strong and true version of a fall classic, our Candied Apple fragrance oil combines notes of crisp apples, a hint of cinnamon, and a base of caramelized sugar.

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Our Coriander and Tonka Fragrance oil is a rich and sultry fragrance with notes of amber, tobacco, and sweet vanilla. This is truly an unique and captivating fragrance you've got to try!

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Looking for an easier way to make fabulous candles?

Doesn't it seem like making great candles is too hard? All you want is a candle that looks nice and smells incredible...but it seems to take forever!

In the past, distributors of candle making supplies have simply bought in bulk and repackaged for candle makers. This made candle supplies easy to get, but it hasn't made candle making any easier.

Imagine things differently...easily finding a soy wax or paraffin candle wax that is a proven winner... finding candle jars that are both safe and beautiful... finally getting candle fragrance oils that are true to life and super strong... finding fragrance oils that perform in soy wax... discovering a wick guide that suggests a wick for your specific candle...

The secret to candle making is purchasing products that have been developed to work together. Life is simpler when you are not the one who's forced to uncover the chemistry of your candle. Life is more fun when you get to focus on things like fragrance and containers.

Take a look around. Read some reviews (lots in the candle fragrance oil section). Sign up for our newsletter. Try a couple things. It's not the same old thing, but we think you'll like that. Let us know if you've got any questions, we're here to help.