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About Us

For over 30 years we've provided our candle expertise offline. Now, we're doing it online!

Candle Science is a second generation family business with extensive experience throughout the candle industry. Our founders have diverse backgrounds that include making candles as a hobby, operating a nationally known candle factory, and providing products and consulting services to candlemakers of all sizes and means. Our wide range of experience has given us the insights and know-how that our customers depend on and have come to trust.

In order for Candle Science to maintain our customer's trust, we run our business with one simple goal:

To provide customers with the products and information they need to make extraordinary candles at the most competitive prices in the industry.

If you are an existing customer, Thank you! Our business depends on your satisfaction, and we remember that in everything we do.

If you are a potential customer add more profits to your business or more fun to your hobby by putting all we've learned about great products and candlemaking to work for you!