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Brown Liquid Dye


Usage:Candles Only

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1oz colors 100 lbs soy or 200 lbs paraffin to a medium shade.
4oz colors 400 lbs soy or 800 lbs paraffin to a medium shade.

Fragrance Oil Recommendations:
Apples and Maple Bourbon, Banana Nut Bread, Caramelized Pralines, Chocolate Fudge, Coconut, Frankincense and Myrrh, Fresh Coffee, Hazelnut Coffee, Hot Baked Apple Pie, Mediterranean Fig, Pumpkin Pie

Deep, rich colors are difficult in soy. They require 2-3 times the dye that paraffin requires, sometimes more.
Note that standard dye amounts create a washed-out, pastel color in soy. We suggest making a test swatch to figure out the dye amount you will need to get the color you’d like.

Due to the extreme concentration of our liquid dyes there is a noticeable odor that will not be detectable at normal usages in finished candles.

Product Update: We are converting our glass liquid dye containers to plastic containers for easier shipping.

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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating5 average rating on 1 reviews
Rating - Very Concentrated!

I bought Amerretto Nog and Hansel's and Gretel's house for holiday scents and I used 1 drop for 2 Ibs of wax for a light brown and 2 drops for 1 Ib to make a dark brown. Very good colors for the both.