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Candle Jars

Apothecary Jar

Apothecary Jars

Beautiful, classic and traditional. Our apothecary jars are ideal for displaying your candles on a mantel, countertop or table.
Straight Sided Jar

Classic Tumbler Jars

The perfect blend of trendy and classic.
Straight Sided Jars

Straight Sided Jars

Jars with a clean and fresh look that are easy to wick and cheap enough to use as testers.
Salsa Jar

Salsa Jars

Why choose between a clean, elegantly designed candle jar and one with a great price? With the Salsa Jar, you get both!
Lucida Jars

Lucida Jar

Lucida Jars are a nice twist on the standard Apothecary Jar and should work with existing apothecary labels and packaging.
Canning Jar

Canning Jars

Tall, yet narrow and easy to wick. It's totally round, and it's smooth sides make it a breeze to label.
Hex Jar

Hex Jars

The distinctive 6 sided hexagon shape adds dimension and interest when filled with fragranced and colored wax.
Jelly Jar

Jelly Jars

Traditional, affordable and a best seller! Add one or two satin ribbons around the jar neck for holiday or everyday decor.
Mason Jar

Mason Jars

Reminiscent of grandma's canning pantry, these jars are a reliable staple for container candles.
Tureen Jar

Tureen Jars

Distinctive and attractive, these jars are a popular choice for fund raisers of all kinds but also look beautiful in any room of your house.
12-Sided Jar

12-Sided Jars

Catch the light with these multidimensional candle jars. The shape looks beautiful with any of our candle dye colors. Add fragrance for a scented glow.
Cube Jar

Cube Jars

A little edgy and modern, our cube jars fit nicely in any decor. They make great table decorations for a wedding, shower or special occasion, and add interest to any home decor.
Status Jar

Status Jar

Your friends and customers will be impressed with these sleek, sturdy and attractive jars. Any color and fragrance combination looks great in this popular container.
Standard Votive Jar

Standard Votive Jar

You can never have too many votives. Small and compact, these fit nicely in areas where a lot of fragrance is not needed.