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Rustic Jelly Lid

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12 pc. Bag $2.94 $0.25/pc.
144 pc. Bag $27.94 $0.19/pc.
950 pc. Case $165.29 $0.17/pc.


The Jelly Lids work with:
4 oz. and 8 oz. Jelly Jars
8 oz. and 16 oz. Mason Jars
12 oz. and 16 oz. Canning Jars

Labeling area 2 1/4"

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Avg Rating3.67 average rating on 3 reviews
Rating - My customers love them

I've been using these rustic lids on my products for about a year, and they're absolutely perfect. I love the rustic, scratched-up look and so do my customers! They're crisp and clean on the inside, and antique on the outside. I can't tell you how many compliments I've received on this lid, and asked whether I do the antiquing myself. Love them!!

Rating - Love these lids!

I have been buying these from another company and they were out so I thought I would try CS. I read the only review here and of course it was negative but I bought them anyway! I love them.. there is nothing wrong with them at all and they are cheaper than I have found them elsewhere! Gives my candles the same rustic look my customers are accustomed to and they are great quality!

Rating - Very Very Very Disappointed

I have used these lids since I first started making candles and LOVE them because of the "rustic" look. The order I just recieved upset me very much!! The normal rustic lids are silver tinted on the inside and the bag I just got was GOLD on the inside which is NOT rustic at all :( It would have been nice to have been notified of the change!! I hope to recieve some sort of credit since this DOES NOT go with the "look" of my normal candle decor!!