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EZ Wick Setter (Multi Wick)

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The EZ multi wick tool is the best way to quickly and precisely wick double or triple wicked candles. Use one plunger in the center, two in a line, or three in a triangular configuration for precise control of wick placement.

Click here for a close-up image of the holes.

A single candle maker using the EZ wick setter along with our Wick Stickums can easily wick dozens of containers an hour. If you are making double or triple wicked container candles you definitely need this tool on your bench.

Fits containers with an inside neck diameter of 2.75 to 3.75 inches.

Can also be used to set a single wick.

In the box:
- Tool Body
- 3 Plunger assemblies with springs, stops, collars, and knobs
- Instruction sheet


Customer Reviews

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Rating - Awesome !!!!!!!!!!

I have wicked thousands of jars &quot;my own way&quot; thinking I had a great system. This wick setting tool has changed my life!! If your wicking jars you absolutly cannot do without this!! Fast and easy.. everytime!!<br /> Worth it's weight in gold...