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Wick Bar



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- 12 pc. Bag $5.99 $0.50/pc.
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  10+ Bags $4.99  $0.42/pc.


Note - We will discontinue selling single wick bars once current stock runs out. We will continue to sell the 12 piece bags.

Wick bars hold the wick tight while pouring a candle, and allow for easy centering of the wick in both containers and molds. Wick bars are 4" long and 1/2" wide and feature a center wick slot. Bars will fit all candlescience glass containers.

Wicks bars are sold in 12 pc. bags to match standard glass casepacks.

Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.25 average rating on 4 reviews
Rating - I love these things, but there are a couple of tricks

I pull the wick taut and use my thumb to press the wick into the slot, center the wick, and bend the excess over the top of the wick bar. Keeping it taut, wind the remaining wick once (or twice if votive) around the wick bar outside the edge of the jar. Tuck the end into the underside of the wick bar. Takes about 3 seconds once you get a rhythm and perfectly centered wicks every time because it keeps it tight.

Rating - Kind of helpful...

but they do tend to slip. I just get a little masking tape on each side to hold it in place.

Rating - Helpful

I found these bars very helpful.

Rating - Wick Bars

Not overly crazy about these...we prefer to use the round ones specially designed for jelly & mason jars...if you are not careful, these will slip and your wick will be uncentered....more of a burden than a help...