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Amaretto Nog


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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A holiday warmer of sweet almond and vanilla.

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 15%

Suggested Colors: Light Brown, Ivory, Butterscotch
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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.15 average rating on 20 reviews
Rating - Vague - at best

I loved this scent in the bottle, but once my candles cured I could barely smell anything! I used 1 ounce for a pound of GB464. I am still going to try and sell these (I know there are folks out there that like a more subtle scent, so we will see). Personally, I would bump the FO to 10% next time.

Rating - Barely smell it...

I can barely smell this FO. Right out of the bottle I was like, 'Is this water or FO?' Disappointed.. Maybe it was a bad batch? Who knows..

Rating - Very disappointed

I don't know what happened with my FO, but it had just abut NO fragrance at all. Very disappointed. I will say that I was using it in soap rather than candles, but have not had a problem like this before with Candlescience FO. Unfortunately I purchased the 4 oz bottle since everyone raved about it, but it was a big mistake for soap. Wish I knew why. Used a scant 2 tsp in 10 oz of glycerin soap. Any ideas?

Rating - Unexpeced & Delish

I didn't know what to expect with this scent but there are some pronounced cherry and vanilla notes. Perfect for that person who doesn't like spicy fall scents.

Rating - Great Scent

Wasn't sure I would like this scent, but when I got it as a sample, I loved it. Anyone that I ask have said they like it just as much. I highly recommended this scent.

Rating - Beautiful scent

This is a lovely scent. It could use more almond notes.

Rating - BIGGEST Holiday Seller

One of my most popular Winter scents! People love this one! A tiny bit sweet mixed with holiday goodness.

Rating - Fabulous Sweet Holiday Scent!

I love this scent! nearly every one of my customers who smelled it, ordered it, and every customer who ordered it, loved it! :-D it was a hit for the holidays! I used 1oz with 1lb of GB 464 to make 3 8oz tins. Turned out perfect!

Rating - Light and very intriguing . . .

I really enjoy this fragrance although I didnt really pick up on the almond notes as much as I anticipated given the other reviews. Gave this one 4 stars because it is not phthalate free. Hope that is something that will change soon!

Rating - Like

Not a fan of almondy smells, but really like the creaminess of this one. Great at Christmas time.

Rating - Nice

I like this a bit more than the vanilla type smells. Def smell the almond, but also warm and inviting. Have used in bath and body products.

Rating - LOVED this

this scent is reallly nice, out of all my candles i had 3 different people say they liked the ameretto nog the best.

Rating - Very Strong

Very strong scent. Filled a very large area of the house. Made with GB464 Eco#10

Rating - Almond?

I purchased this to make a candle for my friend who is obsessed with Amaretto, but the almond essence is sort of lacking on this one. I really have to punch it up with another oil to make this fragrance pop. Nevertheless, great fragrance. Not too sweet, not too bland. I think my customers will really appreciate this one. :)

Rating - WOW!

Nice & strong! Beautiful scent!

Rating - Great Winter Scent

Extremely strong and smells yummy.

Rating - Customer Favorite

My customers cannot get enough of this scent!! Great throw!! Another job well done by Candle Science!!

Rating - I used this for Christmas...

and loved it! It had a creamy, bright scent that made my mouth water! I will order it again!

Rating - Wow!

This scent very inviting, soft and a definite must have.

Rating - What a hit

This is a great autumn scent.