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Apple Harvest


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles Only

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Why another apple fragrance? Apple Harvest is a true, ripe apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. It has year-round appeal but is especially nice around apple picking time. Apple Harvest may be the apple scent you didn't know you needed, but can't live without.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood essential oils.

Phthalate Free

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%

Suggested Colors: Red, Green, Yellow
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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.65 average rating on 26 reviews
Rating - One of my favorite apple fragrances

I absolutely love this scent. It's bright and lovely. It reminds me of apple cider. My customers seem to love it too. It's one more apple scent that I can not do without!<br /> <br /> Thanks candlescience.com! Not only do you bring us fine products but it arrives quickly!<br /> <br /> Mr. Toad's House of Wax

Rating - SPICY!

This is alot of cinnamon and spice and not much apple in my opinion. I used this FO with EcoSoya CB-135 and maybe that is why? Smells great but wish there was more apple to it!

Rating - Great Apple Smell!

I really liked this fragrance, especially the hot throw. I didn't find it to be spicy at all. Simply smelled like apple cider heating on the stove. Very pleasant and very strong. Filled a large room easily. Also a fragrance that appeals to a lot of people. Used it in Soy464.

Rating - More Harvest Than Apple

This scent has a strong cinnamon base, with barely a hint of apple. Like a cross between Harvest Berry (mostly cinnamon, not much berry) and Macintosh Apple. It's a full-bodied fragrance, just a repeat of great scents they already have.

Rating - AMAZING!!!!

This is a must have for the fall!! It smells just like apple cider I can't stop smelling it!

Rating - WOW

This took me by surprise.. It has a very distinct apple smell but there is also a perfect spice to it. Definitely one of my new favorites. Everyone that has smelled it just loves it! I've already been asked to make some custom orders by a friend who smelled my first test candle. Very happy!

Rating - One of best sellers!

This fragrance is wonderful! It's the perfect scent to burn when you have company over. Gives you such a warm, inviting, comfortable & cozy feeling.

Rating - Fall Appeal

I expected a different scent from this, but I am totally happy with it! Its a very fall-like scent, just like warm apple cider.Its a nice juicy apple and slight spice scent. If you are looking for the standard Apple & Cinnamon scent floating around at chain stores, I wouldnt say this is for you. But if you want a more realistic apples & cinnamon scent, this is perfect.

Rating - This Has Replaced My Traditional Apple Pie FO!

This fragrance is absolutely wonderful. The perfect combination of apples and cinnamon; not too sweet, not too spicy. This FO will be replacing the apple pie scent I had been using.

Rating - A wonderful apple cinnamon scent

I used 6006 wax and the scent throw was excellent! It smelled delicious...the candle scented a large living room. I will definitely make more candles with this. Would recommend.

Rating - Amazing!

I was hesitant to order this scent worried that it would be too much spice and no apple. However, once cured in GB415 this scent is AMAZING... there is that touch of spice but the crisp apples smell just like they would upon slicing fresh ones from an orchard. Great true apple with a touch of spice! Thank you CS!

Rating - Great scent

Has a wonderful apple smell, and I only used 1/2 oz per pound. Absolutely getting more

Rating - Reminds me of apple cider

I really like this fragrance. Reminds me of apple cider simmering on the stove. Perfect fall and winter scent.

Rating - Wonderful!

This is an amazing fragrance. I used it in GB464 and at first was a little concerned because the cinnamon seemed so strong to me. However, once it cured, it was incredible and is now one of my favorites. Still a strong cinnamon note but a beautiful apple fragrance for fall.

Rating - Fantastic Scent!

This scent is fantastic! It is a great apple scent, and is one of my more popular (if not THE most popular).

Rating - Wonderful smell, wish it was body safe!

Used in GB464, this fragrance smelled like baking apples, complete with the cinnamon. I compared the fragrance to apple pie votives from a mass retail dept store, and this fragrance smelled much fresher and comforting. I did take off one star just because it is not safe to use for bath/body, which is disappointing because I like the option of using the candles for massage.

Rating - My mistake

Did not realize this was for candles only. Luckily I only made a sample size with this. It is a shame since it is such a nice apple cider type FO. Would love it skin safe!

Rating - Surprising!

Used this in cold process soap at 0.5oz ppo. Nice and strong at 2 months. I really, really like this scent. The spice is not overpowering. I will definitely buy this one again.

Rating - Big hit

I added equal parts apple harvest and cinnamon stick and wow what a hit!!!

Rating - Excellent!!!

Just wonderful! I know this will be a fabulous year round fragrance! Awesome rich apple scent without being too heavy or overpowering.

Rating - My favorite!

This is my favorite scent, personally. A good crisp apple smell with a hint of spices. Simple and strong. I absolutely love burning it in the house. Hot and cold throw are excellent.

Rating - AMAZING

This is my most popular scent so far. SO good smelling. Year rounder that I will always keep on hand. Great throw in 464, love this love this love this!!!

Rating - Apple Harvest

At first it wasnt a fragrance that I favored but everyone kept saying how good it smelled...now it has grown on me and I like it too! Apple fragrance with a hint of spice...very nice :) I have filled many orders for this! Placing another one tomorrow :)

Rating - Disappointing...

I had high hopes for this fragrance based on reviews, but was disappointed to find it smells more like chemicals or cleaner than a candle. I would not recommend this fragrance.

Rating - An exellent apple scent!!!

This scent reminds me of my moms homeade apple sauce I use a 7% load in 6006 wax Fills a room in 25 minutes!

Rating - Love Apple Harvest!

I am not usually a big apple scent fan, but I love this apple! It is fresh, juicy and strong. It smells like a room warmed with fresh apples and just a touch of spice. I use the 464 soy wax.