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The unmistakable bouquet of a premium white wine. A crisp blend of white grapes, berries and fruit.

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%
Suggested Colors: Ivory, Gold, Yellow
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Soy Performance 3 Leaf Rating
Usage Candles & Bath/Body
Flashpoint 200 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; up to 25%


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Submitted On 2015-02-27

This is my fav fragrance. I make lotion candles and my customers love it. I wear it as perfume because the scent is so light but crisp. It smells just like Chardonnay. I don't get the grape or bubble gum smell that some are smelling. Everyone says Chardonnay. When will we get more wine fragrances for bath and body??? Love it

A Favorite
Submitted On 2015-01-11

I made about 40 candles for gifts, and these were among the favorites of my friends. It does smell sweet and very 'grape,' but I found that the candles with lids cured and smelled more like wine after a couple of weeks.

Pretty Close
Submitted On 2014-09-13

This smells more like Chardonnay than grape soda or bubble gum to me. There's a note there that reminds me of wine and gives me a craving. I didn't smell any baby powder. I did use this in soap, not wax, as a gift for someone but will definitely make a candle with it next and will see if it holds up the same. It is very strong at 3% in soap.

Not what I expected
Submitted On 2014-03-31

I am very surprised, as I was expecting this great clean fragrance, with some citrus and grape notes, maybe some vanilla. This smells like perfumey baby powder to me. Finished candles are in the other room and bothering my sinuses. I am really happy with the other fragrances, so sad this one was just a miss for me, and I am a chardonnay fan. :-(

Awesome Scent!
Submitted On 2014-03-17

This scent smelled so much like grape bubblicious while it was curing. So much so that I was prepared to rename this scent Grape Bubblegum. I used GB464 and made a 10 ounce sample candle with just 0.5 of an ounce of FO and it came out wonderful. The scent while burning definitely smells like wine and not grape bubblegum. Hot throw is very strong and so is the delicious cold throw. This is a keeper for me for sure.

Not what I expected!
Submitted On 2014-01-11

I purchased this to make Valentine's Day candles but it smelled too much like "Grape Bubble Gum" I think this scent is perfect for kids soap.

Great Scent But Iridescent Glow in Liquid Soap
Submitted On 2012-07-12

I love love this scent, but beware in liquid soap it throws off a lavender iridescent glow. It is kind of pretty, but a little odd.

beautiful scent
Submitted On 2011-06-14

I used this is GB 464 i used pale pink with the color it came out so cute! The scent is amazing and throws very well. I am sorry to hear someone else had bad luck but honestly both times I have used the scent it came out wonderful and a very hardy cold throw as well. When I used this for the Eastern Star bazaar last November I had made six candles in wind glasses and they sold out in about ten minutes. People loved the smell and it is one of my favorites as well.

Submitted On 2009-09-06

Extremely well done. All the right notes of Chardonnay. I could drink it!!!!!!!!

No throw in soy wax
Submitted On 2009-06-30

It smells great in the bottle. It smells like white wine, not grape juice. But I used it with GB 464, which tends to throw scent well and I got nothing. Maybe it works for tarts, but my results with a candle were disappointing.

Dead On!
Submitted On 2009-04-25

I hate wine, but my husband is Italian and loves his wines. I made this one right away just to see if it was strong and smelled like real Chardonnay. I was blown away by how dead on it was and my husband loved it as well. I mixed this scent with rose as well and got a great smelling new scent.

Good smell!
Submitted On 2009-03-31

As for cold throw, it smells grapey. I was hoping for more deep of a wine smell.

Submitted On 2009-02-09

I love this one! Smells just like a glass of wine. I wish they would get more wine scents, like red wine or berry wine. I sold out of this fragrance almost immediately. People loved it!!

My daughter the wine afficianado LOVES it!
Submitted On 2008-11-06

She says it smells just like Chardonnay. I totally agree, it is delish! Has a lovely bouquet, just like the wine!

Submitted On 2007-08-07

Absolutely wonderful smell. I live in wine country and everybody that smells it goes nuts