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Chocolate Fudge


Soy Performance:2 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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Outrageously rich bittersweet chocolate, and a touch of cream, blend perfectly in our mouthwatering chocolate fudge.

Phthalate Free

This fragrance is NOT compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base

Suggested Colors: Any shade of Brown
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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.85 average rating on 13 reviews
Rating - Deserves a 10+

Wow!!! I have never found a fragrance oil yet that actually has a nice chocolate scent to it. Usually they smell good at first then get all funny smelling. Yours is truly amazing!!! Chocolate fudge reminds me of a fresh baked brownie that has been frosted in chocolate fudge frosting!! The scent throw is heavenly!!

Rating - Smells so great it's almost edible!

I am not even a big fan of chocolate as it is but this scent is great! Very strong scent, smells like freshly made brownies. Will buy again!

Rating - So Strong!

I haven't burned the candle yet but everyone loves it! Smells JUST like chocolate! Has a strong cold throw, hoping for a good hot throw too.

Rating - My customers want to eat it!

I use this in GB444 and my customers and I love it! Excellant throw both cold and hot. Thanks!

Rating - great cold throw, very weak throw

cold throw smells just like it, but hardly has any smell when burning!

Rating - .....if I could lick the candle I would!

Seriously! Not a huge foody candle fan but OMG! Smells JUST like sticking your face in the tub of chocolate frosting.

Rating - True to Scent

Smells exactly like chocolate fudge, customers love it and they always joke about not eating the products I use it in.

Rating - Extreme Chocolate

This was a requested scent. I could not believe that this scent was so accurate and so strong. Smells like a choclate bar on steroids.

Rating - Great Chocolate Fragrance

This is the best chocolate I have found for a candle. It smells like the real deal. Love it and so does my customers.


I love this one...mix 2 parts Chocolate Fudge and 1 part Very Vanilla and it smells just like Hot Cocoa!! Great winter scent!!

Rating - The Best Chocolate I have found

I just made the chocolate fudge and everyone walking through the kitchen said they smelled chocolate!! It is the first chocolate I have found that actually smells true and I think I have tried every chocolate out there!! I am using it in Soy wax and plan on ordering it on a regular basis!!

Rating - Yummy chocolate!!!

Great chocolate scent. It smells just like it should...a nice rich chocolate smell. My customers love it!

Rating - Great chocolate scent!

This is the best chocolate scent I have found. Many I have tested have a medicine type smell to them. All I smell is yummy chocolate fudge. Great hot and cold throw. Great alone or as a mixer.