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Cypress and Berries


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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Cypress and Berries combines a deep, rich pine note, infused with cedar, amber, and musk with the aroma of jellied berries. Hints of jasmine, iris, and orange essential oil create a holiday fragrance with both a traditional and modern appeal.

This fragrance is infused with orange oil and eucalyptus oil.

Phthalate Free

This fragrance is NOT compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base


Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4 average rating on 5 reviews
Rating - Smells like linen

Made this for holiday gifts was but disappointed that it smelled so much like fresh linen. Agree that it smelled a bit like detergent - will not re-order.

Rating - Just okay - sort of

It has an okay scent, but kind of borders on laundry detergent, and seems a bit "synthetic" to me. I won't re-order this one.

Rating - Favorite CandleScience FO so far!

I actually got this FO on a whim since I needed to pick a free sample. I'm so glad that I picked this scent! Such a clean and mood lifting smell. I used GB 464 wax and am waiting a few more hours to do a test burn. I went ahead and gave this fragrance 5 stars anyway just because the cold scent throw is unbelievable!

Rating - A complex and interesting scent

This is more ambiguous and hard to place than your average "christmas" scent. It tip toes into fresh linen territory almost. Very fresh, and appeals to both men and women. I took off one star though, because to me it smells a bit too synthetic. I used this is GB 464 at 1 oz/lb and it was strong with great throw.

Rating - Great new scent

This is the first of the new fragrances I have made, and it is my favorite. A great holiday or year round fragrance!!