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Love Spell


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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An instant classic - this fragrance is a luscious fusion of citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple and peach; with a hint of blondewood.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Orange and Grapefruit.

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%

Suggested Colors: Violet, Purple
See our complete list of candle making dyes.

Soy Note:
We spent several months testing dozens of Love Spell formulas from several of the top fragrance houses in the world. Even under considerable pressure from our customers, we waited until we found the ultimate Love Spell oil - this is it!

The BEST cold and hot throw available, period.


Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.89 average rating on 36 reviews
Rating - A Must For Perfume Lovers

This fragrance is my most sought after candle. Anyone who has been familiar with the Victoria's Secret scent has raved about how wonderful these smell (I personally am not into perfume and ordered based on reviews for my line, glad I did!). My candle at home has great cold and hot throw. Most of my candles are made using 1.2oz fragrance per pound of GB464 wax.

Rating - Brings back memories

This scent smells exactly like the perfume. This has great hot and cold throw in NatureWax C3. I used 7% per lb and added it at 155 F, so very happy with this scent!

Rating - Surprisingly Good

When I received this scent and smelled it in the bottle I was very hesitant(the smell in the bottle is very strong). When I made a candle with it, my mind changed instantly. It smells like a Victoria's Secret perfume. To me it isn't too strong out of the bottle but you can still smell it without being lit.

Rating - So pretty. Wish it was stronger.

Definitely smells like VS Love Spell, no doubt about it. I'd give it a 4/5 cold throw and a 3/5 hot throw (used 464). Just wish it was stronger, because it smells sooooo good.

Rating - too strong for me

this one was a little too strong for me. I order it because my cousin wanted love spell tarts but I really didn't care for it now she on the other hand loved it but it was messing with my allergies<br />

Rating - Great

I just received my order ,and love spell was one of the scents that I ordered.i wasn't aware that it was a popular scent at VS until my niece informed me.I have to say it smelled so good out of the bottle and also hot.The candles came out great! Can't wait to sample more scents.Thank you candle science

Rating - Cold throw smells better IMO

This scent smells fantastic out of the bottle! The cold throw is very strong as well. The hot throw is strong and can definitely fill a large room but I wish it was as strong as the cold scent or the out of bottle scent. The hot throw seems a bit more &quot;softened&quot; than the cold throw. I used this in three types of soy wax GB 444, GB 464 and EL Classic blend and For some reason I smell a &quot;waxy&quot; smell infused with the love spell which I have never experienced before with any other FO in soy wax. But, overall it is a good scent and most people will probably enjoy it.

Rating - everyone that likes vs loves this

smells exactly like the spray.. perfect match! scent fills a room very quickly. used 4630 in half pint jars

Rating - AMAZING

I just received this in the mail today! Out of the bottle it is absolutely my new favorite FO. I can not wait to burn the test candle that I'm making! YUM.

Rating - The Best

This is my favorite fragrance from Candle Science! Works well in Soy and Paraffin!

Rating - LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Smells exactly like VS Love spell! Best one yet!

Rating - NICE!!

Smells just like VS Love Spell...scent is softened in soy wax and is really nice. Used this in Ecosoya Adv with 6 day cure time..good cold and hot throw!

Rating - One of my favs!

this is one of my favorite scents so far, just amazing.

Rating - Nice dupe of VS Love Spell

Good strong hot throw in 6006 wax after a 2 day cure time. It really smells like the VS Love Spell (I have Love Spell in lotion and body spray). I burned this in an 8oz Sq Mason Jar in a spare bedroom and it filled that room and travelled down the hallway into the livingroom. That was surprising for a small candle. Good job CS!<br />

Rating - Best Love Spell Type Available

I started using Love Spell from Candlescience and then tried 3 other companies. Never again, this one is dead on VS type and stronger than other companies. It is a best seller and personal favorite also. I have been using VS Love Spell lotions ect. for years so am super excited to be able to make it in wax. Thanks!

Rating - I am in Love with Love Spell

This is one of the best fragrances that I have in my collection. I used this in Cold Process soap with no acceleration or ricing. This soap turns a light pinkish which is great for the scent. Will Definitely be purchasing this again.

Rating - big hit-dead on fragrance

was not familiar with VS love spell, but those who were quickly bought all the body and reed difussers I had made. They love it.


A wonderful, beautiful, amazing scent. The 5-star reviews from everyone should tell you something. An absolute must reorder. Everyone loves it.

Rating - Dead Ringer

This is a dead ringer for the real Love Spell! The first time I made this I had a ton of people asking for more. Will definitely keep in my arsenal.

Rating - Perfect BEST SELLER

This is my top seller!

Rating - I am in Love with "Love spell"

This scent was everything I had hoped for and more. Very strong, but not in a bad way. It is odd how powerful the scent throw is, yet the scent is still mild enough to not be over bearing. Such a beautiful wonderful scent.

Rating - The Reviews Say It All!!

After reading the reviews I felt confident with my purchase. I just finished three 8oz candles using GB 464 and the scent is awesome! I will definitely be ordering more.

Rating - Beautiful Scent!

I recieved this yesterday with my order as a sample and WOW this is dead on exactly like VS Love Spell! I used a very small amount mixed with body spray base and got tons of compliments! Will be ordering more for candles for sure!

Rating - STRONG

Extremely good dupe.

Rating - Wow!!! Speechless

I just began candle making, and I knew I wanted to try this scent. I am glad I did because I love it. It smells just like the Love Spell products from VS!! Great choice candlescience!!!

Rating - Wow! Wow! Wow

We just made candles with the glass glow palm wax using this scent and it is wonderful. My neighbor gave me a baby quilt she made for my grandbaby who will be here in October and I gave her a candle with the love spell scent and she loved it! Great Great product! Thanks Candle Science! We will be back for more!

Rating - Love, Love, Love, LOVE SPELL!

Sold out of this as soon as I offered it! Great hot and cold throw! I will definitely be reordering this scent!

Rating - Amazing scent!

This scent is so popular. I have tried another brands lover spell in a pinch and it wasnt even close to how true candles sciences smells. Dont waste your money buy from candles science there always the best and true smells.

Rating - Hugely Popular!

I LOVE this scent! It is also the MOST popular scent among my customers! Love It!!

Rating - I love Love Spell

What a great scent! My customers love it too.

Rating - GREAT!!A+++A+++

Wonderful, Great, My love! I am so hooked!!

Rating - Excellent

Beautiful. Captivating. Addicting.

Rating - Love it!

Another hit with my customers.

Rating - Best out there!

We have tried other Love Spells and nothing compares to this. Thanks Candle Science, keep them coming.

Rating - I am under a "Love Spell"

I bought this fragrance just to see whether it might be nice. Nice hardly describes it. It is heavenly. I have been assured by those that have used it, that it truly is Love Spell. I am going to wait to burn it for a few days, but I can assure you, that it does not need to be burned to smell lovely. It is part of our Fall line and our Spring line and our.....well, you get the idea. Thanks, Candle Science. You make my job very easy.

Rating - Wonderfully strong Lovespell Scent

I used this in EL Millenium Wax at 6%-7%. The scent throw was AMAZING. The only downside is that you need to wait a week to 10 days for it to cure properly, BUT I guarantee you the scent is worth the wait and a true duplicate! Best I've tried and I am not searching anymore.