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Peppermint Bark


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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Our Peppermint Bark fragrance oil combines the irresistible aroma of dark chocolate with mint essential oil to create a "true to life" scent of this much-loved winter candy.

This fragrance is infused with Cornmint Oil, Cedarwood Oil, and Citronella essential oils.

Phthalate Free

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%


Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4 average rating on 12 reviews
Rating - Loved the Scent...When I Held My Nose Up To It

I loved the scent for this. It smelled very accurate to me when I smelled it. However, after adding to 16oz of my Ecosoya CB 135, I noticed little to no hot or cold throw despite this having a soy rating of 3. Maybe it was just me, but my girlfriend and I could barely smell it.

Rating - not peppermint bark - dissapointment

I had high hopes based on earlier reviews of this product but it was a HUGE dissapointment. Literally smells like mold. I get not one drop of good scent from this one and it is something I cannot sell so a big waste of money.

Rating - Disappointing

I used GB 464. This had very poor hot and cold throw. I detect very little chocolate. I mainly detect a weird peppermint smell. It smells like some kind of strange peppermint perfume. I won't re-order this one.

Rating - Love this scent

This smells delicious. One of my new favorite Christmas scents. I use 6006 wax and it smells wonderful, everyone that I gave a candle to loved it! Next, I am going to try M and P soap with this, I am sure it will be a winner. I cannot get enough of this scent.

Rating - Awesome!

Used with GB 464 wax. Smells just like peppermint Bark! Better hot throw, then cold!

Rating - whoops

In my previous post I meant white chocolate, not vanilla. sorry

Rating - Pretty good, but could be better.

I used GB 464 soy with this scent. Throws stronger hot than cold, but overall not that strong. Creamy vanilla and a nice sweet peppermint(although it has a slight "menthol" smell to it I dont care for). It could be a bit stronger, but smells pretty good.

Rating - YUM YUM I almost ate it!

This scent is DELICIOUS! I could almost eat it! Great scent throw hot and cold.

Rating - Delicious!

I picked this scent on a whim for my free sample, and WOW...definitely buying again. Mint is the strongest scent, but the sweet, smooth white chocolate makes it truly unique. I look forward to experimenting with coffee scents to find that perfect white peppermint mocha candle!

Rating - Fantastic scent!

I love this scent and have added it to my scent list. It smells so good and burns fine in GB444. Good choice!

Rating - Awesome throw!

In 464 soy wax this fragrance has really strong throw!

Rating - Strong Peppermint!

Thought it would have a bit more sugar to it, but still smelled very good and very strong of peppermint essential oil. I used comfort blend wax.