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Sunwashed Linen


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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Freshly washed clothes hanging in the summer breeze.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Lemon.

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%

Suggested Colors: Blue, Ivory
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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.62 average rating on 12 reviews
Rating - I love it

Very refreshing, clean and smells good.

Rating - smells like powder

This scent is very fresh and clean smelling. It has a strong powder type of smell to it in my opinion. Its not what I expected but not a bad scent at all. I think clean cotton would be more to my liking. Used in GB 464.

Rating - perfection

I used 1 oz of this fragrance with 8 oz of of the 464 gb wax and after three days of curing I did a burn test. Wow! I was so surprise on how fresh and clean it smells. It has a great cold throw and hot throw. Love it! :)

Rating - oooh so clean

What a great clean scent. It has a bit of a Downey-type smell. I used GB 464 (1oz per lbs) and it resulted in a nice throw. I will be adding more scent on the next go round but all in all... great Fragrance. Highly recommend.

Rating - Accurate and refreshing scent.

Accurate smell, good cold and hot throw, as good as any name brand linen candle.<br /> <br /> Personally, I prefer the Clean Cotton to this, but this is still a good scent. I doubt you would be disappointed with either.

Rating - Love This Scent

My customers and I love this scent so much I purchased a big bottle.

Rating - My FAVORITE!

So fresh and so clean clean clean smelling! love this scent!


Clean and fresh. First customer who smelled this fragrance ordered a dozen candles so she would not run out. Has become top favorite to all - including me. Love it.

Rating - Must Have For Spring & Summer Line

Smells just like fresh, clean laundry and is very strong.<br /> <br />

Rating - LOVE IT!

This is a wonderful scent! GREAT seller...You will not be dissapointed!

Rating - Great throw for soy candles

This one surprised me - it wasn't strong at first in my soy candles but then after 48 hours it "popped"! I only had to use 1 oz. for 16 oz. of soy wax. It definitely smells like the name - you can't go wrong.

Rating - Super!

I can't put my finger on it, but it definately smells of just-washed linen! Everyone that has smelled this has oohed and ahhhed over it. Very fresh and clean!