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Glass Glow Palm Wax


Melt Point:144° F
Max Fragrance:6% or 1oz./lb.
Pour temp:185-195° F

This item is out of stock.

Palm Wax has been discontinued
After much research and consideration, we've made the difficult decision to discontinue palm waxes due to extreme environmental problems. Read about the reasons behind our decision here.

The beauty of palm for containers. Glass glow throws fragrances exceptionally well and has a large crystal structure that is totally unique. A one-pour wax that does not frost (like soy), and holds its shape extremely well during shipping and sales.

Excellent for layered candles.

This product will be discontinued once stock runs out. All Sales Are Final.


This wax is 100% natural, and therefore may produce some slight variations in appearance. While we quality test every batch produced, you may experience textures slightly different than what is shown in our photo.

- Heat wax to 200F
- Add fragrance and dye
- Remove from heat and stir gently for 2 minutes
- Pour between 185 - 195F

To achieve maximum crystal growth allow palm wax to cool as slowly as possible. Occasionally a very thick metal or wooden table will absorb a lot of the heat from a cooling candle causing the bottom to cool faster than the top. If you have less crystallization on the bottom of your candles try cooling them on a cookie rack so air can circulate around the entire container or mold.


Customer Reviews

Avg Rating5 average rating on 5 reviews
Rating - Beautiful amazing wax

I always use Soy wax because I like to have natural candles. I was re ordering wax when i looked at the Palm. I read how natural it was and it was only a couple more dollars than the soy I am used to. I am not a Palm fan for life. It throws scent so well, holds color so well and the frost/glow look it developes is so stunning. I make Ball canning jar candles and now they are more beautiful than before. I do cool them on a cookie she to get all over glow. Great wax, thank you!

Rating - Best ever!!!!!!!

This is great stuff! I have enjoyed making Soy candles for the past year, but like others I have a few issues with the Soy from time to time. I will use this to replace my Gel candles. GREAT PRODUCT!

Rating - Great Product!

This is the first time we have used palm wax. For the last 2 years we used the soy wax and did have some issues with the soy. The palm wax is great and we are really impressed with the throw and ease of use. We really liked being able to pour at a higher temperature instead of having to cool like the soy. We followed the directions of cooling the candles on a cookie cooling rack and the crystals formed properly. We are very pleased and also loved that we could pick up our order in Durham, as we live close by! Thanks Candle Science! We will remain loyal customers!! Wish you had a regular store we could visit, but picking up at the warehouse is great!

Rating - Scent Throw

I have used many different types of natural waxes and was unhappy with the end product. This wax looks great and has a great scent throw. Most of all it burns clean.

Rating - great wax

I discovered that this wax is very easy to work with and forgiving as well. Throws an excellent scent and "crystal" pattern when cooled properly (on a wire cookie rack) This was my first attempt at a large batch of candles and they turned out wonderfull, all my friends are impressed!