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Starburst Palm Wax


Melt Point:136° F
Max Fragrance:6% or 1oz./lb.
Pour temp:185-195° F

This item is out of stock.

Palm Wax has been discontinued
After much research and consideration, we've made the difficult decision to discontinue palm waxes due to extreme environmental problems. Read about the reasons behind our decision here.

Looking for a natural wax for pillars and votives? Starbust palm is an excellent choice.

Starburst has an appearance reminiscent of a hard frost on a glass window; this wax throws fragrance exceptionally well, does not frost (like soy), and is a one pour for votives and most pillars (less than 3x6.5").


This wax is 100% natural, and therefore may produce some slight variations in appearance. While we quality test every batch produced, you may experience textures slightly different than what is shown in our photo .

- Heat wax to 200F
- Add fragrance and dye
- Remove from heat and stir gently for 2 minutes
- Pour between 185 - 195F

To achieve maximum crystal growth allow palm wax to cool as slowly as possible. Occasionally a very thick metal or wooden table will absorb a lot of the heat from a cooling candle causing the bottom to cool faster than the top. If you have less crystallization on the bottom of your candles try cooling them on a cookie rack so air can circulate around the entire container or mold.


Customer Reviews

Avg Rating5 average rating on 3 reviews
Rating - Beautiful

Beautiful crystallization! I thought I had messed up because I heated up the wax to hot, but it came out perfect! It really does look like the picture plus this wax goes a long way.

Rating - Starburst Palm Wax

This is the first time i have used this wax and all i can say is it is AWESOME... I have noticed i do need to add extra color to get the full effect of the STARBURST.. so do some testing and you will love it. I am placing a new order for MORE. Also the men in my family loved this look too,, so there you go,, <br />

Rating - snowflakes

My friend and I love making these votives. They are so pretty. They come out of the molds very easily. Each one is unique,we call them snowflakes.