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Classic Tumbler


Height:3 3/4"
Diameter:3 1/4"

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  12-79 $9.99  $0.83/pc.
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Stock Notice

This product due completely back in stock on Friday, August 29th due to manufacturer production issues.

The classic tumbler is slightly tapered and has a solid feel without being too heavy. We think it creates a more trendy candle while maintaining a classic appearance. Many of the high end candles in the market are poured in tumblers just like this one.

It holds between 8 and 9 oz of wax depending on your desired fill height and unlike many tumblers on the market, this one is packed 12 pieces to a case for easy handling.

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We do not offer a top for the Classic Tumbler.

How much will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 8.79 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 12.2 oz.

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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.2 average rating on 5 reviews
Rating - Large and Attractive

This is a nicely sized and heavy jar. it looks sleek and classy, bowever-- I purchased the Eco 16 wick and it burned a quarter sized pool too quickly and then went out after 10 mins. Definitely not the right wick for this jar.

Rating - Wick Size

I used the Eco 10 wick with the Golden Brands 464 wax and they burned great in these jars. They fit nicely in the Tumbler Boxes also!

Rating - Beautiful but....

I love the look of the jar but like the other reviewers had mentioned, the recommended wick size (Eco 14) for the Golden brands 464 wax seemed to be under wicked. Thankfully I read a review mentioning that they had already tested the Eco 16 with the same under wick experience. I will try for the CSN 26. I hope it works!!!

Rating - Great Jar, Wrong Wick

I tested this jar with both ECO 12 and ECO 14, neither receive a full melt. I'll have to purchase a size up in wick size, but the jar itself is gorgeous. I filled to 10 oz because in my opinion it looked better than the recommended 8.79 fill.

Rating - Beautiful jar but wrong wick size...

The recommended wick size that CS lists for this tumbler is a ECO 14 for GB 464 wax. I do not think that is correct. I used an Eco 14 and it is definitely underwicked. Wax pool does not fill jar. Otherwise, the tumbler itself is very classy and bigger than I thought! 1 lb of GB 464 wax will fill 2 of these. I love it, just wish I had used a larger wick.