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Votive Wick Pin


Height:2.5 inches
Diameter:1 5/16 inch

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Our votive wick pin is designed for use in our 15-hr Flaired Votive Candle Mold. The bottom is designed to auto-center for perfect wick holes every time.

Customer Reviews

Avg Rating5 average rating on 3 reviews
Rating - Votive Wick Pins are Fantastic!

I love the wick pins and would never make another votive without them, but there is a trick I learned to make removal easier. Remove the pins while the wax is still warm - a slight tap on a hard surface and the pin comes right out. If I wait until the candle is completely cool, it takes much more effort to get the wick pin out.

Rating - They work great!

I love these! They give me a nice centered wick and I just grab them and pull the votive right out of the mold.

Rating - I would not make a votive without these!

These Votive Wick Pins are great. I highly recommend them for super straight wicks.