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Citron and Mandarin


Soy Performance:2 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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Fresh and zesty! Our Citron and Mandarin Fragrance oil combines orange, grapefruit, and a hint of lemon into a well balanced, sophisticated citrus fragrance that is at home in any high end or natural candle line.

Soy Candle Making Note: In our tireless search to find a great orange fragrance that performs in soy we have a hit! Though not a straight orange scent, its strong and true citrus character performs well even when burning, creating one of the few citrus fragrances that meet our incredible high standards.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including grapefruit, orange, and lemon oil.

Phthalate Free

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%


Customer Reviews

Avg Rating3.5 average rating on 2 reviews
Rating - Customers love it

Got a sample of this new scent. Great summer scent. Used it in GB 464 at 1oz/lb. Cold throw is very strong. Had a customer buy one candle and loved it so much she talked to me a few days later, wanting more for gifts. Guess I will be ordering more Citron and Mandarin!

Rating - Not my cup of tea!

I have not been able to make candles with this yet because I can't stand the smell! It has an acrid background that just makes me gag. I am so disappointed, it sounded wonderful. I have been looking for a nice citrus scent to add to my summer line. I also tried the New Goji Berry Orange scent and it was fabulous! I guess that will be my citrus go to scent. I really wanted to like this but just don't. I am still going to make some candles with it just in case it is better somehow in the GB 464 wax. I will let you know!