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Hansel and Gretel's House


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles Only

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Hansel and Gretel's house covered with vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers and juicy raisins.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Clove.

This fragrance is NOT compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base

Suggested Colors: Butterscotch, Brown
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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.82 average rating on 22 reviews
Rating - Rave reviews from customers

This scent was amazing in GB 464. Smelled a lot like a gingerbread and vanilla cookie to me- GREAT for the holidays. I would say 90% of my customers said that they wanted more because they couldn't believe how much it filled the whole house! Will definitely order this one again.

Rating - delicious

This one does not disappoint. It really does smell like the crust from the gingerbread, nice and bakery. I add a bit of cranberry for a twist. Great scent.

Rating - Pleasantly Shocked-This Smells AWESOME

I took a chance and ordered 8oz of this scent based on the positive reviews. SO glad I did because it smells amazing! My 8 year old immediately said 'this smells like a gingerbread house!'---it is strong but not overpowering or 'fake-y' smelling. I would describe this as a Fall scent. Take a chance with this one-it's a keeper!

Rating - Amazing!

Love this scent! Smells amazing in my tarts and candles.

Rating - Not My Fav.

Reminded me of cough serup... But my Customers seem to like it.

Rating - YUM!!!

I love this scent! For those I made this candle for, have RAVED about this scent!! and of course I kept one for myself because it smells AMAZING!! I highly recommend this fragrance! An all year around scent!

Rating - My favorite fragrance from CS hands down!

I use Ecosoya CB-135 and this is my favorite scent candlescience has!!! The delicious scent throw is out of this world...the smell is divine and I always sell this scent out FAST.

Rating - Perfect Christmas Scent!!

I used this in GB 464 at 12% and it is a PERFECT blend of sweet and spice!! Exactly what I was looking for in a Christmas candle.

Rating - Wonderful scent!!

I just ordered this fragrance yesterday and got it in the mail today..kudos to candlescience for excellent fast shipping! I made a candle just a few hours ago using this fragrance and as I am writing this comment I can smell the wonderful scent. I can only imagine how it will smell once it is cured and ready to burn. Excellent choice!!

Rating - Pure Magic!

I really love this fragrance! Although I cannot smell the fruit notes like "juicy raisins," this is still in my top three scents from Candle Science. It is sweet, warm and cozy.

Rating - This scent smells almost edible!

I had this scent simmering at a craft show in August and customers were asking every vendor in the building where this scent was coming from. Customers did not want to wait until the holidays for this one!

Rating - Perfect!

I have seldom found a spice type scent that I like, but I LOVE this one! It is now one of my favorite fragrances!

Rating - AWESOME Fragrance!!!

Hansel & Gretel House, used in Ecosoya CB Advanced 100% Soy. Let cure in 48 Hours the cold throw was good. 4Days Total cure time, cold throw and Hot throw was AWESOME!!! Apothecary 10 oz Jar, 2 Wicks Hansel & Gretal filled my Living room in 30-40 minutes and within an Hour scent traveled to my Upstairs. My Husband commented no candle scent has traveled that far.<br /> AWESOME!!! CandleScience and you have excellent Customer Service & Delivery!

Rating - Yummy

Giving it 4 stars because when I originally smelled it out of the bottle it smelled exactly like Cinnamon Buns to me. Nevertheless, an awesome scent!

Rating - must try!

if you only buy one baked scent, this is the one to try! Smells like gingerbread and has great hot throw

Rating - Great!

I have a 16 oz tin in a very large room and it smells up the whole room. Great scent!

Rating - Awesome

This fragrance is awesome!!!! I poured this yesterday with soy and lit the candle today. I could not beleive the throw from this. It filled my whole upstairs in a half an hour. Candlescience you have fantastic oils.



Rating - Like walking into a bakery!

I thought my sales would drop on this one in the spring but it is in such demand!! Fills my whole house with my 8oz candle. I use it in any soy(I only use natural waxes)and it burns so nicely. YUM YUM!

Rating - Love it!

Great scent.

Rating - A nice surprise!

Out of the bottle, this fragrance smelled similar to other sweet cake/cookie type oils, however, when I used it in a soy candle, the true aroma of the raisins and goodness came popping out! I love it! It is a regular for me now.

Rating - Hansel and Gretel's House

Yummy! This scent has my house smelling like a bakery. (my husband actually thought I was baking something-ha!) This scent is not overwhelming but just right.