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Jamaica Me Crazy


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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Jamaica Me Crazy will transport you to the islands with its irresistible blend of coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melon-y sweetness. It will work perfectly in any tropically themed candle or Personal Care product.

Jamaica Me Crazy earns our highest rating (3/3) for soy, even though its notes are traditionally not good in soy.

Phthalate Free

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%

Suggested Colors: Orange, Yellow, Ivory
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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.47 average rating on 19 reviews
Rating - Sweet Tropical

IGI 4630<br /> 10% Fragrance.<br /> Very good hot and cold throw.

Rating - One of my favorite scents

I LOVE this scent. It's so tropical and nice. I use orange dye chips in 464 soy and it is has a really nice bright tangerine color. It smells like a tropical smoothie, which wouldn't be a bad candle name!

Rating - Customers Love It!

Really great cold throw! However, for me personally, the hot throw is not strong enough. Customers love it so I will be re-buying but not for myself.

Rating - NO hot throw

My husband loves this scent but was very disappointed. I saw it had three leafs so I figured it would have a good throw. It had a very weak cold throw and NO hot throw at all. I bought other scents with two leafs that had way better throws.

Rating - Scent throw on Jamaica Me Crazy

I liked the smell of Jamaica Me Crazy, but the throw was very weak cold or hot. I gave my friends and family some to try and I wanted their opinion also. They had the same reaction. I followed the instructions as stated and added 1ounce to a pound of wax.

Rating - Made my son hungry!

My son works nights as an RN. He come in while I was making a batch, and said that the smell was making him hungry. He headed right for the fridge. Very appealing to everyone who samples it!


I am not too big on citrus scents, but I tested it out in Golden Brands 464 and LOVED IT!!! Just the right mixture to where there is no single fragrance overpowering the rest.

Rating - Great punchy scent

This was really punchy and strong in GB 464 at 1.5oz/lb. Smells a lot like Glade "Hawaiian Breeze". This scent is not very complex, but if you are looking for a strong tropical FO than this is a great choice.

Rating - AWSOME....

I used this in GB464 using max fragrance (2 oz) in a 4" jar candle, Csn #26 wick. Friends are still raving about how <br /> wonderful the scent is.....Will be a keeper for me.

Rating - Jamaica Me Crazy

I made a batch of melting tarts several days ago using Jamaica Me Crazy . All I can say is the throw is fabulous.... The smell is fantastic..... everyone that walks into the room goes crazy over this fruity scent. Will buy this again and again. Thank you.

Rating - Jamaica Me Crazy & Sex on the Beach are not the same.

Jamaica Me Crazy smells delicious. Although Jamaica Me Crazy and Sex on the Beach are both fruity scents, I can tell the difference between the two. Both of these scents are top sellers for me.

Rating - Strong scent!

Take it from someone who has never been sensitive to smell. I used 1 oz in 1 lb of gb464, and the cold throw is amazing! I can barely wait for 5 days to test the finished results :).Mango and pineapple is all around my work area!

Rating - Amazing Throw in GB464!!!

I had ordered a sample of this and poured one 16oz apothocary and it is WONDERFUL cold and hot!!! We only poured 100% GB464 and the hot throw is AMAZING!! Will remain one of our favorites!!

Rating - Amazing!!!

This Scents reminds me of an Island drink, so awesome, another #1 seller from candlescience!!

Rating - I LOVE THIS

I could not wait to make a candle with this oil. I have just got through and now cant wait to burn it.All of my work area is flooded with this sweet smell and I must say I LOVE IT.

Rating - Love it - but it does smell just like Sex on the Beach

I love this fragrance, it smells wonderful...however it is hard to tell it apart from Sex on the Beach. Very little difference between the two. I only ordered a sample of this so I think I will use up the bottle I have of Sex on the Beach and just relabel it "Jamaica Me Crazy" and see if it sells any better...haha

Rating - smells like coconut and pinapple

to me it smelled like a pina colada.. smells like coconut and pinapple.. nice scent

Rating - Jamaica Me Crazy- Sex On The Beach?

I think Jamaica Me Crazy smells too much like Sex On The Beach, anybody else agree? I feel like if I was handed both of them dye-free without a label, I would confuse them.

Rating - Tropical vacation in a bottle

I just made a batch of goats milk CP soap with this fragrance. It is wonderful - no acceleration / no discoloring. The smell is wonderfully fruity & tropical island - just add a little umbrella! I think it smells of mango & papaya-very similar to a Pier 1 scent. I love it.