Macintosh Apple

Macintosh Apple

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With a classic fragrance like macintosh apple, it's got to be just right.

Two years of research has produced an incredibly strong fragrance with "right from the tree" character that throws as well in soy as it does in paraffin.

Suggested Colors: Red or Green
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Soy Performance 3 Leaf Rating
Usage Candles & Bath/Body
Flashpoint 160 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; up to 25%


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Strong and True!
Submitted On 2015-02-13

This smells exactly like apples! I used it to make kids' soap at 2% and it is strong! Haven't tried it in wax yet but will be for fall. Fresh and crisp, nothing artificial smelling . Love it!

coastal shabby
Submitted On 2014-12-23

this scent has strong crisp apple scent cold and HOT throw. I used with 464 and it's the best how throw I've experienced with soy candle. Highly recommended for soy candles. Most of the scents I've bought from candle science has had a pretty good hot throws with soy candles. I've tried scents from another vendor....this vendor has better scents.

Love this scent!, just wish it was less expensive!
Submitted On 2014-12-11

I love this scent, but I NEVER order it b/c its so darn expensive!!! : (

Just like Bath and Body Works Farmstand Apple
Submitted On 2014-11-14

This is a wonderful scent, very much like the Bath and body works farmstand apple candle. I am new to candle making, and this scent has a wonderful hot and cold throw. Remember to always let your candles cure for a few days before lighting, it makes all the difference!

Submitted On 2014-10-12

This is one of the most accurate and strong scents I've tried. Just like a cold, freshly sliced apple. Wonderful hot & cold throw. My husband really likes it as well.

Submitted On 2014-10-03

ok...I normally do not like apple scents, but this one is amazing! Soooooo real!!!!

Submitted On 2014-09-23

This doesn't smell sweet at all. I had to name it green apple. It's tart, and smells like sour apple. After pouring, it actually makes my eyes were burning . It has a chemical smell, and it's the only CS scent that made me a little nauseated. Now, after it cures, it's not as bad. I added caramelized pralines to cut the tartness and name it caramel candy apple. Macintosh apple is not this scent at all. I will have to try harvest apple instead.

Submitted On 2014-03-07

This scent is super accurate to its name! It truly smells like fresh cut Macintosh Apples. I made a 12 ounce candle in a status jar with GB 464 and used a 5 percent FO load and it still came out very strong! Cold throw is amazing and the Hot throw is just as awesome. Grab this FO if you are looking for a true to life fresh apple scent.

Macintosh apple is incredible!
Submitted On 2014-01-04

This scent is one of the strongest I've used. It smells
Like a clean cut apple. I recommend this scent to any and all
Fruit and apple lovers. I used it in igi 6006 and I can smell the
Ct across the room. Amazing! I don't usually go for
Fruit smells either!

if only i could give it 10 stars ;-)
Submitted On 2013-12-07

this smells just like the yankee candle store's version... awesome!

Fresh and Juicy!
Submitted On 2013-11-04

This smells AWESOME! It's very true to its name, has a strong scent throw as well. Smells just like a fresh juicy apple!

Like I'm at the orchard!
Submitted On 2013-10-25

This is an amazing apple fragrance, I can't get enough. It makes my whole house smell like I'm in an apple orchard. Will definitely reorder.

Truly the best out there!
Submitted On 2013-09-29

A consistant best seller year round. The name says it all. Don't bother looking anywhere else for a Macintosh apple. Used in GB 464 in a 12 square canning jar with 1 htp 105 wick, or a 16oz salsa jar with a cd22 wick or a 12 oz apothecary jar with a cd 22 wick and truly outstanding. I could smell the fragrance through the screens of my windows before I even got in the front door! What does that tell you?

Such an uplifting fresh scent.

Crisp, clean scent
Submitted On 2013-09-06

I use this scent in my oil burner, and it is indeed a fresh, crisp and clean apple scent. After a few hours, the scent can get stale - just add a little base scent (like coconut or vanilla) to spark it right up. Top notch fragrance.

The Best!
Submitted On 2012-12-10

Use 464 wax. Everyone loves it! A year round candle to have! A fresh clean scent! Smells just like a New England Macintosh Apple!

Amazingly strong
Submitted On 2012-10-14

Great scent. must have!

Yankee Candles move over
Submitted On 2012-05-19

I got this as a free sample, and WOW it is amazing. Will definately be getting a bigger size

True to life
Submitted On 2012-03-19

A crisp, true apple scent. Well done.

Submitted On 2011-10-29

Smells like a perfectly ripe apple x10!
So impressed!

Fresh cut apple!
Submitted On 2011-10-07

Love it! I cut an apple to compare....

Submitted On 2011-08-28

Pure, unadultered juicy apple fragrance-love this. Used in Ecosoya Adv-great cold/hot throw.

Happy Camper
Submitted On 2011-03-12

My sister Amy is my biggest critic and she will tell me if my product fails. Her favorite fragrance is apple and i have tested so many fragrances in the last 5 years. None to hers or my expectation. I have found success with this fragrance. I started using this fragrance initially 5 years ago and tried to cut shipping costs but i compromised on quality. I am a very happy camper...this is the BEST!

A must have!
Submitted On 2010-09-18

A very strong fresh apple scent. I will always have this one in stock.

The McIntosh Apple
Submitted On 2010-09-16

This fragrance is absolutely wonderful. I love the apple scent in my house and is a big seller with my customers. It smells exactly like apples and has a marvelous scent throw.

Perfect Scent!
Submitted On 2010-09-12

This has to be the BEST macintosh apple ever! No other apple scent compares to this.

Great Smell!
Submitted On 2010-06-20

This wonderful fragrence filled my house will the smell of juicy apples. It makes me think of apple cider at a late fall harvest party. Yummy!

I could eat it!
Submitted On 2010-03-01

Wow, very realistic. A bit of tartness just like a real apple. LOVE IT!

mmm apples
Submitted On 2010-02-22

great scent - smells like you cut into a fresh apple!

Submitted On 2010-02-03

Smell exactly like Mac apples!

This one should be 7 stars
Submitted On 2009-04-18

This is absolutely the best mac apple out there. No chemical smell, just true apple. I want to know how they got the apple in the bottle. Your mouth will water. Thanks CS

just like Yankee
Submitted On 2009-03-24

love this one...very strong throw in Soy CB Advanced. This smells just like the Yankee Candle scent. Clean, Crisp & Sweet!

Makes you want to take a bite
Submitted On 2009-02-16

Apple is a standard scent needed for candles. This one is beyond standard. It makes you think you are in an orchard it smells so good. We used it with Palm Wax which made for a beautiful container candle. Took tarts to work and left it in the car. When I returned to the car later my car smelled incredible.

Submitted On 2009-01-24


THE BEST! Beautiful apple aroma!
Submitted On 2009-01-15

I am so thrilled with this scent! I have used others and they fall short of being just right! Candlescience got this perfect! My customers love it! Thanks! Cheryl

Submitted On 2008-12-03

I have always loved the McIntosh scent from the YC store and this one is a perfect match! I love it and burn it all the time.

Submitted On 2008-11-14

We were not sure about ordering this scent....We are so HAPPY that we did!! It has a wonderful cold & hot throw, and smells delicious! Works great in IGI 4627 Comfort Blend...Thanks Candle Science!

Just Picked!
Submitted On 2008-11-04

This fragrance smells like a just picked apple! Dead on and oh sooo delicious. You will not be disappointed. Great scent throw in soy candles!

Submitted On 2008-10-20

Tart, sweet, and crisp, this is a true to life scent! Smells just like ripe, juicy apples fresh from the tree. A definite pleaser! Love it!

Submitted On 2008-10-10

This fragrance is absolutely delicious! A true crisp sweet apple scent that will make you drool! Amazing soy throw, already one of my most popular scents!