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Mediterranean Fig


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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The scent begins with a top note of green apple, strawberry, melon and fig. The heart is a fresh green floral with lily, rosewood jasmine and violet. The base is a rich woody bouquet with oak moss and velvety cashmere.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils.

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%

Suggested Colors: Brown, Butterscotch, Green
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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating5 average rating on 9 reviews
Rating - Beautiful earthy scent..

This is definitely a winner and a must add to any candle line. I agree with some other reviewers- not sure what a Meditteranean Fig smells like, but I love this candle. Has nice woodsy-floral notes with fruity underneath (subtle). A very sophisticated scent- would be great if you were having guests over for dinner. Great for any time of year. I used 1 oz/lb in GB 464.


This scent is a winner in my book for sure! Not sure what Mediterranean Fig smells like but I know this FO smells damn good! It has a slight earthiness to it but not overpowering though, it's a great blend, and the notes really come together well. This scent is very strong too which I really love about it. I used a 4 percent FO load in a 10 ounce candle and the hot throw was nice and strong. Can easily fill a large area. This scent kinda reminds me of Oakmoss and Amber, another great scent, but they are indeed different and both amazing scents. Great job CS!

Rating - Great Hot Throw!

Very nice fig scent (used soy wax), as others have mentioned. Not too heavy. The cold throw was a bit weak, but the hot throw was fantastic, which surprised me. Definitely a keeper--will buy this again.

Rating - Simply Gorgeous

A truely beautiful sophisticated fig fragrance.They really managed to capture the fig in this one. I agree w/the others a "higher end" fragrance like Oakmoss & Amber. This would be a great fragrance category "sophisticated/high end fragrances."

Rating - Just like Trapp

Everyone loves this and with good reason. It is a dead on dupe of Trapp candles. It is wonderful in parasoy tarts and cp soap. Behaves beautifully and scent stays true.

Rating - Classy and popular!

This has gotten a lot of good reviews. Nice throw in GB 464, a good scent for many different tastes. Unique and classy. :)

Rating - New scent to my line

I got this as a free sample and will be ordering more. This is the new addition to my candle line.

Rating - mediterranean fig

this is great ! very fresh most excellent for my diffuser reeds ! i totally love it, its a clean but happy scent ........ 5 *****

Rating - Loving this one

I put this into HP soap and it was perfect with the rustic look. The scent was pretty strong at first but mellowed out as I let the soap age. Really nice earthy scent with a hint of fruit, just a touch though.