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Passionfruit and Guava


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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Escape to the tropics with an exotic fusion of sweet passionfruit and tangy guava. We've blended notes of pineapple, pear, and strawberry to create this lush fragrance perfect for a warm weather candle or soap line.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Orange and Elemi oils.

Phthalate Free

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%

Suggested Colors: Green, Violet, Purple, & Lavender
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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating5 average rating on 3 reviews
Rating - Beautiful Fragrance Oil

I absolutely love this scent. I used it in my body products and the smell is amazing. Fantastic in shampoo and conditioner. Can't wait to try it in soy. This will be my new scent for the summer (and all year long). The fragrance is strong but is not over powering. Very exotic and fruity but not like candy to me. Sexy and refreshing.


This is a wonderful pairing of scents in my opinion. I chose this as a free sample in one of my recent orders and will have to order a bigger bottle soon! This scent is a light and fresh fruity delight that has a great hot and cold throw. Smells amazing using GB 464.

Rating - Amazingly fresh

I really loved this scent. It smells great in the bottle, and just as great in candle form. I use Golden Brand 444, and it is going to be a new favorite for my customers!