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This product can only be shipped via UPS Ground or LTL Freight due to its low flash point.
Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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Too many watermelon fragrances are super-sweet and smell like kid’s bubble gum. Ours has the traditional watermelon notes, but the sweetness is less pronounced in wax, giving it a pleasing “ripeness” that smells more authentic.

Phthalate Free

Compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base up to 25%

Suggested Colors: Any shade of Red
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Customer Reviews

Avg Rating4.59 average rating on 22 reviews
Rating - Great FO!

Holy heck this fragrance was a burst of luscious watermelon! I bought it as a sample size and used it in soy wax and the outcome is amazing! I'll definitely reorder!

Rating - Watermelon FO

I have been looking for the perfect watermelon. Many of the melon scents have that fuel smell or are just not very strong. The watermelon FO from candlescience is AWESOME!! The best I've found...and much better than anything I've smelled in the stores. I'm burning a small jar candle in our bedroom and it is PERFECT!! You won't be disapointed with this one!!

Rating - I love it!

I used golden brand 464 and 1 oz of fragrance per pound, and my candles turn out very well! The fragrance smelled more like honeydew or another green melon in the bottle, but once it was mixed with the wax, it smelled awesome! Just like a sweet jolly rancher. I will definitely but more :)


I'm not a fan of watermelon scent so I was hesitant at first but the reviews were all positive so I even jumped into it and bought a 4oz bottle and REALLY glad I did.... WOW... IT SMELLS LIKE THE REAL THING... Not over powering, not really any chemical smell... All I smell is watermelon... I'm really liking it... Can't wait to make some candles with this one for the summer scents..<br /> <br /> DEFINITELY RESTOCKING THIS ONE...

Rating - AMAZING!!

I LOVE this scent, I have gotten rave reviews and I simply can not get enough of this scent, the throw is amazing and I don't even know how to begin to explain how much I love this scent. This is the first time I have purchased fragrance oils from candle science and I am never going back. All of the fragrances that I purchased had very good hot and cold throws in soy wax and even filled the spa where I sell my candles (they have lots of great smells going on in there!) I was only unsatisfied with one scent, I can't wait to buy more...especially of this watermelon! I would definitely recommend!

Rating - Everyone will love this scent

This brings me back to the days when I could chew large wads of watermelon bubble gum. The extra sweetness brings out the fruitiness of the watermelon scent. It's not too strong, too sweet, or too fruity. It's just right. And the scent can fill a room.

Rating - Mouthwatering!

This is a sweet and delicious scent. Whenever I make a candle with this one of my roommates always wants a candle. Great!

Rating - Delicious smell!

Right out the bottle, this smelled like watermelon bubblegum so I was nervous. Once it was in the wax (gb464), it smells like a real, juicy watermelon! Very strong throw too! Will definitely order this again for next summer.

Rating - Watermelon Scent

I ordered this scent to make votives as a gift for a person who likes a watermelon scent and I have to say, this scent was heavenly!! It was fragrant without being over powering and charmed both myself and husband. Very nice scent!! Will buy again!!

Rating - LOVE this oil!

I named this one Watermelon Bubble Gum & people want to eat it! People also compare it to a watermelon Jolly Rancher. Mmmm!

Rating - =)

Yummy! I hate watermelon scents but this is wonderful. Wow.

Rating - Very nice!

When I smelled it while in the bottle, it did not smell good. However, when I put it in my scent warmer under a tealight candle, this watermelon scent was amazing! I actually added it to a fragrance oil mix that was already in the warmer, but the watermelon fragrance was absolutely fabulous! Wow! This is a keeper! I would definitely order this scent again.

Rating - Very Nice

This is a very nice scent for summer time. Definitely NOT watermelon. More like honeydew melon. Still very nice. Good scent throw in soy.

Rating - yummy!!!

I love this fragrance! Great alone, but I mixed it with strawberry shortcake because I only had a little of each oil left and it came out great! I only made 4 candles and sold all and have requests for 12 more!!


This was my first time making soy candles from Candlescience and I am very impressed! This fragrance smelled just like a watermelon jolly rancher. My husband and all of our friends/family loved it. Everyone asked where they could get it. Thank you Candlescience! ...I used 1.5ozs in 1lbs of gb464.

Rating - More pleasant than authenic

This scent has nice throw and is nice enough. it smells like a melon, but not exactly a watermelon. More loke a mix of honeydew & cantaloupe.

Rating - Torn

I like this fragrance overall, it is super sweet and juicy. I agree that it smells like watermelon bubble gum, however still a good overall scent if you are looking for that.

Rating - Not What I Expected

This does smell like watermelon, but not the real fruit more like watermelon flavored bubble yum. I wanted something more juicy and real smelling.

Rating - The best watermelon ever

At first it smelled like honeydew. But once it started curing, each day got better. This is my favorite scent of all times. Scent throw is excellent in soy. I already ordered more oil. I want a big one for me. My customers love it.

Rating - Awesome scent

Great job with this duplication. It smells identical to watermellon. Our customers love it.

Rating - My momma loved this!

My momma is a watermelon obsessive and she loves the candle I made for her with this fragrance!

Rating - EWWWWWW....