Ecosoya CB 135 Soy Wax

Ecosoya CB 135 Soy Wax

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A one-pour all natural container wax requiring no additives. The Ecosoya CB 135 has good scent throw and glass adhesion and pours with a smooth, level surface.

Note: Wax is packaged in flake form.
50 lb. Case Size: 16" x 13" x 13.5"

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Produced from US Grown Soybeans!
VIDEO: Cosmetic Grade Soy Wax Watch Dan Cap from NGI talk about how CB-135 soy wax can be used for cosmetic applications.

VIDEO: NGI uses American Grown Soybeans Dan Cap from Nature's Gifts International talks about where their soybeans are grown.


Wax Type Natural Soy Wax
Appearance Smooth, Opaque
Max Fragrance 9% or 1 1/2oz. /lb.
Applications Container / Tealight
Pour temp 125° (+/- 5°)
Melt Point 122°

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bad frosting
Submitted On 2014-12-12

The frosting is so bad, the 45 candles o made for christmas gifts i am stuck with, its that bad.. Never had i ever had this.. and it pulls away from the sides bad too.. I been making candles for 25 years so i know what i am doing. I am heart broken i wasted all the money in wax plus all my time to have something turn out like that.. Its so bad. I only give one start cause i cant post this with out a star,, other wise its not worth any stars.

Frosting nightmare
Submitted On 2014-10-22

I thought that I would try this wax and found that 1 out of every 4 candles came out unsellable. The frosting is terrible, some even discolor, and it happens very randomly. I tried different pour temps, warmed and unwarmed jars, different types of fo, all the same results. I ended up throwing out 9 of the 10 lbs of my second bag just because it was less expensive than wasting fragrance oil and dye. Back to CB Advanced to trouble shoot the wet spots it is!

Not Happy
Submitted On 2014-08-15

I've been using Golden Brands 464 wax to make all of my candles. I have had no problems with uneven tops with GB, but lots of problems with frosting, even at low and high pour temps.

I tried this wax to help out with my frosting issues. I have NO frosting with CB135, but ALL of my candles have sink holes around the wick, even after pouring them at 3 different temps, 170, 150, and 125.

It's a complete waist of money, and I will not sell my sink hole candles to anyone. Guess, I'll be returning to GB 464 and settle for the frosting than the sinkholes.

Great wax, great scent throw, beautiful tops to my candles
Submitted On 2014-07-11

Used this wax on a recent batch and was hesitant because of the reviews but the candles look and smell amazing! I have not burned them yet but the cold throw is fairly strong. I did use a little bit more scent oil than I usually do with my gb 444 but it is a nice throw. I use tsp rather than % so I use 3 tsp of scent per 1/2 lb wax and it works great.

Submitted On 2014-01-06

I originally purchased this wax for use in massage candles but I fell in love and have been using it ever since! I love that it has a higher pour temp, takes dye chips and FO evenly and leaves much smoother surfaces on my jar candles!

Did the formula change?
Submitted On 2013-11-30

I started using this wax almost a year ago and i've always had great results until this last batch. It's not a bad wax but I'm no longer getting the perfect candles I was once making. I have changed nothing in my candle making technique, but now i'm getting frosting on almost all my candles. The only thing I can think of is that the formula is different now?

Very disappointed with this product
Submitted On 2013-11-01

I purchased this product as it was recommended for massage candles. I could not be more displeased. The candle does not burn well, a brown residue forms around the wick, and the oil does not pool. I have tried combining with several oils and none of them work.

Wax changes color once burned
Submitted On 2013-10-30

I made a batch of candles with different fragrances. Melting and pouring and setting was great...but after burning they wax discolors and turned a yucky brown color - no color was added. I like my candles white. This happened with more than one fragrance.
I don't know what to do??

135 Ecosoy wax
Submitted On 2013-10-09

I was just wondering if anyone is having trouble with this wax. I'm getting lots of frosting and not a good ST like I usually get. My last two boxes have been this way. I loved the ones before these past two cases.

Works good for me!
Submitted On 2012-05-25

I use this wax and I like it. It can react with color ships a little differently sometimes, but not in tins. Also I think once you get your pour temp where you like it this pretty much goes away. I always use this wax and think its superior :)

CB-135 wax
Submitted On 2011-01-09

I got along well with this wax except when I made my
brown color candles (for chocolate scent). After trying many different formulas, temperatures etc. I continued to have nothing but problems with rosting.I ended ing up throwing aways numerous candles because they looked poorly. They burn fine, the tops look
nice and creamy but dont seem to like dye.

Love this Wax !
Submitted On 2010-03-13

I have been making soy candles for about 2 years and have purchased all of my supplies from CS. I think they are a wonderful company with great support. I have probably tried all of the soy waxes and I have had the best luck with the CB135. Very smooth tops and holds scent well. This wax cost a little more than some of the others but in my opinion it is very well worth it.

I love this wax.
Submitted On 2009-11-01

I have been using EcoSoya for about 7 years. I have tried others, but have not found an advantage to using anything else. AND Ecosoya waxes use non-genetically-modified soybeans that were not sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. This is important to me, as we have a chemical-free farm, and it is a great selling point for eco-conscious customers!

A+++Great Soy Wax
Submitted On 2008-11-03

This is great soy wax to use, I have tried alot of different waxes and ecosoya 135 is my favorite...