CSN Wick Sample Kit

CSN Wick Sample Kit
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Need wick for soy wax candles? We recommend our CSN Wick Sample Kit!

Perfect for deciding which wick will work best for you, the CSN wick sample kit contains 5 pretabbed wicks of each size in the CSN wick series and is the recommended wick for soy candles.

CSN wicks burn with a tight curve for a consistent and even burn that is superior to ECO wicks. The reinforced construction of the wick also gives it a superior rigidity that allows for easier pours and keeps the wick upright in a deep wax melt pool. The rigid structure also makes it an easy wick to use when making soy tea lights, votives, containers or pillars. CSN Wicks are constructed from reinforced ring spun cotton with a high melt natural coating, specifically designed to be used with natural waxes.

The range of wick sizes in the sample kit can be used to create tealight, votive, container and pillar candles.

Sample kit includes 5 wicks of the following sizes: (Total of 40 wicks)

- CSN 5 3" - CSN 7 6" - CSN 9 6" - CSN 12 6" - CSN 14 6" - CSN 16 6" - CSN 22 6" - CSN 26 6"


Wax Coating Natural
Tab Size 20 x 6 mm

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