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Like a peaceful stroll on a sunny day, our Meadow fragrance oil captures the essence of summer florals and the fresh aroma of freshly cut grass. And with a hint of orange and sandalwood, it's a natural scent you'll love any time of the year.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural orange essential oil.

Suggested Colors: Any shade of Green
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Soy Performance 3 Leaf Rating
Usage Candles & Bath/Body
Flashpoint 200 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; up to 25%


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Meadow Is The Bomb
Submitted On 2014-09-01

One of the strongest scents I have used to date. Amazing throw and a beautiful scent. We sell it as Fresh Hay!

Fresh, clean, inviting
Submitted On 2014-07-25

Smells like grass, but not the freshly cut kind - the wild kind. With just a hint of floral, to round it out. Lovely cold and hot throw.

Submitted On 2014-03-24

Used in EcoSoya- Advanced. The scent is nice and earthy/grassy/fresh/calming... I used 1oz/ 8oz wax, and It still wasn't pungent & fragrant enough :(.. If you like subtle scents this is for you. Just wished this scent was stronger.. I'm still looking for a fresh grassy not too floral scent to add to my line!

Not as good as others.
Submitted On 2013-12-09

Just wanted to make a quick comment on this scent. It definitely is NOT a good seller in my store. They actually make a ewwwwww sound when they smell it. I guess I am feeling the same way. I LOVE most of CS scents, but this will not be a reorder for me. Just hope I can sell enuf to get rid of my 16 oz. bottle.

Wonderful smell!
Submitted On 2013-08-14

Love it! I don't really know what a meadow smells like because I live in the desert but I definitely can detect a hint of grass mixed with flowers so I think it's great. Out of the 5 people that I've asked for their opinion on the scent, only one said that it was just 'okay'. Everyone else loved it. Definitely a keeper! I use 464 wax and 10% FO & hot and cold throw are really great.

Fresh cut grass anyone?
Submitted On 2013-01-07

This scent is very nice, not the common sweet/citrus or floral scent, but earthy and herby. Smells EXACTLY like fresh cut grass, to some people that is amazing, I like it :)

Very fresh
Submitted On 2012-01-15

I like this very much but I really wish my nose picked up a bit more of the florals in it (testing 464/full scent load). I mainly smell fresh grass but, while not obvious to my nose, I think the other ingredients do soften the grass scent a bit. Fresh grass FO, on its own, is pretty intense and this scent is much nicer than my pure grass fo. I think this scent may also play well in a custom blend.

So far, My fav scent to date
Submitted On 2010-06-16

I sweat, it smells just like walking through a meadow of tall wild flowers. I will say in the bottle though it does smell delightfull, their is a slight weird after smell. But does not throw that smell....Scent is to die for. Wish I would have splurged for the larger bottle.

Strong scent
Submitted On 2010-03-31

This stuff smells exactly like fresh cut grass and some WOW! I will use a little less for my next batch.