Orange and Chili Pepper

Orange and Chili Pepper

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Sassy, strong, and bold, Orange and Chili Pepper Fragrance Oil is a fusion of true orange with a spicy kick of chili pepper.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural orange essential oil.


Soy Performance 3 Leaf Rating
Usage Candles Only
Flashpoint 143 °F
Phthalate Free Yes
Diffuser Base Compatible Yes; up to 25%


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Submitted On 2015-03-13

Out of the bottle this one makes me sick because it is so strong up close. However the finished product is really great. I sell alot of melts and candles in this fragrance.

Submitted On 2014-11-10

This is a very strong fragrance. I never would have thought this combo would work but it sure does! Was asked by a customer for this specifically. HOWEVER be prepared , while it smells great it is SUPER strong. I use 12% for fragrance but am actually going to to use a lot less in the future. Only gave it 4 stars cause I haven't burned one yet.

Ooooof. Rough.
Submitted On 2014-09-16

This scent gets brownie points for being so bracingly strong... but sometimes there can just be too much of a good thing. This gives me a roaring headache after about 5 minutes. I would poured it at 1oz/lb in gbg 464. Maybe use half that? I just can't bring myself to pour it again to find out.

Submitted On 2014-09-08

This scent is fantastic is soy! I use Ecosoya 135 and the hot and cold throw of this scent is fabulous! Smells like the "orange slices" candy to me!

Cuyahoga Valley Candle
Submitted On 2014-08-27

We use this only in tarts right now. Very strong, great throw. We are all internet, many repeat buyers of this one.

Submitted On 2014-02-25

This scent is NOT at all what I expected. I love CS and I love the majority of their scents, however, I SERIOUSLY cannot give a candle or a tart melt away to a customer of this scent. People cringe when they smell this. It's absolutely horrible in my book. Sorry CS, I love the majority of your scents, but this one NO WAY !!!!! I use GB464 soy wax....

Submitted On 2014-02-20

The cold throw of this fragrance is amazing. The orange and the spice compliment each other very well. However, when burning, it smells more like chemicals or kerosene than it does orange and/or chili pepper. I tried waiting it out to see if maybe it was because it was the first burn but I couldn't let it burn for more than an hour because of the kerosene like smell.

I use Golden Brands 464 soy wax with a wood wick.

WIsh I never
Submitted On 2014-02-04

I LOVE all that candlescience offers. I have never had issues with any product but this oil ruins my life-lol. Seriously...I am considering burning down my home to rid this smell from existence. It not only gives me headaches but I made no sales and the faces people made when smelling this candle wasn't good. I truly wish I never bought this. However, I will continue using the other lovely scents you offer. But this one...NO WAY!

Submitted On 2014-01-22

This is my favorite orange scent! Don't let the chili powder scare you off lol. It's a wonderful blend and the chili powder really brings out the sweet orange scent. The hot throw is strong in GB 464 and can fill a large room. The cold throw is just insane! I smell this candle very strongly a few feet away when it's not even burning. A Must try if you enjoy citrus scents.

Very Original!
Submitted On 2013-07-30

My new top seller. Customers are loving this scent. It is a wonderful, unique scent, which makes it very popular!

Love It!
Submitted On 2013-07-02

This is one of my top sellers. Customers love that hot and sweet scent. I love that is a strong scent and last longer.

Not sure about this one
Submitted On 2013-07-01

This scent was much sweeter than I thought it would be. Not my favorite.

Great scent and strong!
Submitted On 2013-06-21

Was a little hesitant to order but wow, what an interesting scent! Orange with a real kick and very strong in the IGI4794 for tarts. Thanks Candle Science for such great products.

Top Seller
Submitted On 2013-05-20

I used this fragrance in my soy candles using 464 soy wax. The smell is intoxicating and my clients love it! I will be ordering more of this real soon. Thanks Candlescience for such great products and prices.

Orange and Chili Powder was AMAZING
Submitted On 2013-05-14

I smelled this sample bottle as soon as I opened the box. Smelled it again after I opened the bottle and realized I should of bought a bigger bottle but husband talked me out of it thinking it wouldn't smell very good. Last time I take his advice when it comes to scents! I will be ordering a big bottle very soon. It was great!! The chili powder brings out the orange smell.

This smells amazing
Submitted On 2013-04-29

Wow! I fig I'd use my chosen sample to be this scent due to me not really knowing if it would smell good. Boy was I amazed. It smells wonderful, a beautiful scent.

bright and spicy!
Submitted On 2013-04-18

Love this scent. Some people were not too sure about the name....but once they smelled it, they loved it!
It is wonderful. you really need to try it if you haven't! you will be pleasantly surprised.
It is grean in the Ecosoya Advanced.

Orange Chili
Submitted On 2013-03-31

My candles are curing now so I dont know exactly how this will be hot but the candles are amazing right now in the kitchen. This scent is deceiving OOB because you cant differentiate between the orange and the chili, but once its poured, its both fruity and mildly spicy. I used CB advance wax at a 1 oz:1 lb ratio.

Different & Fabulous!
Submitted On 2013-03-22

Oh, my goodness!!! This fragrance is fantastic. I LOVE it!
Its fresh, fruity, definitely orange, but a nice kick from the chili pepper!
Works beautifully in GB 464! It just emanates from the was so easily.
Give it a try! I highly recommend it!

Submitted On 2013-03-20

I love this new scent, it reminds me of CA. My customers really like it too. Thanks!

Submitted On 2013-03-18

I bought the oils here but previously purchased some tarts scented with this from a lady. I loved the scent then and I cant wait to make my own candles with Sweet Orange Chili Pepper. Its a nice, crisp and tangy orange with subtle yet intense chili spice. Perfect for men who like clean scents yet want a splash of masculinity.

WOW very unusual but awesome smell
Submitted On 2013-03-14

When I first opened the bottle I thought Oh my! this is too much. But once I made it it grew on me more and more. I think it will be one of my favorite scents. Its really different! I used GW 464. I like my candles strong so I used 1 oz. per 1/2 lb of wax. It fills my living room and drifts into the other rooms too.