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Raspberry Macaroon


Soy Performance:3 Leaf Rating
Usage:Candles & Bath/Body

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Note: This fragrance will be discontinued once current stock runs out.

While the aroma of toasted coconut and caramelized sugar is irresistible on its own, we've taken it one step further and added a fresh raspberry note. Raspberry Macaroon, like so many of our favorites, is a wonderfully traditional fragrance with a twist!

Phthalate Free

This fragrance is NOT compatible with our Reed Diffuser Base


Customer Reviews

Avg Rating5 average rating on 1 reviews
Rating - My Favorite!

This is one of my favorite scents from Candle Science, and I can't believe it's going away. An absolutely perfect blend of raspberry and coconut, it is strong both cold and heated. And it blends well with almost every other scent.