Large Glass Salsa Jar
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Ships from East Coast. Estimated: West Coast 10/29
Wholesale Pricing:
6 - 69 cases $8.38 $0.70 /pc
70 - 125 cases $8.12 $0.68 /pc
126+ [pallet] $7.79 $0.65 /pc
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Why choose between a clean, elegantly designed candle jar and one with a great price? With the Large Salsa Jar, you get both! Easy to wick and easy to label, these jars look great and are truly affordable.

Tops are sold separately.
The Large Salsa Jar works with the #82 Twist Tops in gold or silver.

How much wax will it hold?
Wax Weight (to Fill Line) - 13 oz.
Volume (to Overflow) - 16 fl. oz.

Looking for a wick suggestion?
GB 464 - CD 22
IGI 4630 - LX 24
IGI 6006 - ECO 10
Check out our wick guide to see recommendations for other waxes! Our recommendations are estimates and should be used as a starting point for your own burn testing.

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Wholesale Candle Jar Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering Large Salsa Jars in bulk or by the pallet.

Made in the USA


Height 4.4"
Diameter 3.3"
Max Labeling Area 10.25" x 3"
Prop 65 Warning Required No


Average Rating:

(based upon 14 reviews)

Love these jars but one came broken

I have't used these jars in a while. When I did, one was delivered broken in the box. I do love the jars itself, but the wick recommendations are not the best options.

Flexington Fashion
CandleScience Reply

Hi there! We're so sorry to hear one of your jars arrived broken and we'd love to help out. A member of our support team has reached out via email to assist further.

Salsa Jars

I started using these a few months ago and fell in love with them. The 13oz salsa jars are very sturdy and my customers love them. I will continue to purchase these to use in my candle line.

D'Essential Candles

Amazing Jars but volume issues

I aboslutley love these salsa jars! They're perfect for my "one size fits all" candle brand. The only issue I have with them is that, it says the jars can hold 13oz of wax, however when I try to pour that amount into the jar I always seem to have a few ounces left over?

Brown Wicks Candle Co

Love these jars!

I absolutely love these jars, received them in great condition - none broken at all. They look great and are really a blank canvas for whatever kind of candle you want to create within your branding. Wicking has been the only struggle, but even so I found the recommendations on the wick guide to be close. I use 464, about 10% FO, and no dye. I have had the most success with CD18 and CD20, I get full melt pools within 2-3 hours and the melt pools don't get ridiculously deep. Plus, the container does not get too hot to the touch the further down it burns, but the wick still creates a really solid HT. Only issue I have with the with CD wicks is the mushrooming, but that can be solved with wick trimming before lighting. I also tried out ECO14 and while I love the way the ECO14 burns (same even melt pool over 2-3 hours and no mushrooming at all), I find the CD wicks give a noticeably better scent throw. I may bump up to ECO16 just to test that out as well though. Hope this helps someone out there!


Awosome Jars

I have been using these jars now for a few months and I am in love with them, they are very versatile.
I use 464 WAX and 2 eco-2 or 2 cd 4 and they burn beautifully.
Thank you CS.

Island Vibes Candle Company

Very lovely

So it took me a while to love this jar because of wicking but I finally got it.. witch coconut soy wax, this pairs nicely with a double CD 4. I would go no higher than that because the melt pool got where I wanted it within 2-3 hours. I’d rather a different lid for these but this can be dressed nicely with labels and packaging!! Please keep these in stock.

Jasmine Brielle

My GO TO Jar!

Thank you so much for getting these jars back in stock! They are my favorite candle jar to work with!! These jars can can be used for any style...rustic, sleek, Lux...depending on how it's labeled, it's very versatile! Shipping is always speedy, and customer service is next to none! Fragrance oils cannot be matched! If anyone is curious about wicks for this particular jar, I use a CD 18, and works perfectly. I'm still looking for that "right wick" but, I always end up going back to the CD series. I'd even guess that a CD 20 would be just fine for this particular jar as well.


Love them!

Bought once and kept buying, but these have been out of stock since like November! please hurry and restock! Such good quality and size!

Maiboi Candles

Love It

I love these jars!! They work perfectly with my wax and wicks. Please hurry and restock!!



So, I’ve purchased and used 3 dozen of these jars. It is by far, my favorite candle jar to use, and will be my 12 ounce candle jar, from here on out! However, I found that the wick suggestion is way too big for me! I use the CD series wicks, and the description suggests a CD22. I prefer to double wick with a CD 6. I get a 45 hour burn time, no soot whatsoever, and a perfect, even melt all the way down! It’s beautiful!!! Lol I was worried about burn time with having two wicks, but it seems to do fine with the smaller ones. Also, as stated in the description, these jars are very easy to label! You can really personalize these jars, and make them as rustic, luxe, modern, and as casual as you want!


Perfect For Candles

These salsa jars and matching lids are perfect for a streamline elegant look for large candles. Can't get enough.


Love these

I have only used the 8oz tins for my candles and although they are wonderful sellers, some people are asking for a more formal, larger candle. I was also worried about using glass but these turned out beautiful. I love the salsa jars and plan on ordering more very soon. Hoping CS can keep them in stock!


Makes a beautiful candle!

I absolutely love these jars! Such a large, beautiful, high end jar for my candles! Price is phenomenal, and the lids are great too! This will be my 12 ounce jar from now on! Fast shipping!


Would Order Again

I actually really love these jars so far. Ordered one case just to see if I like them and what the quality was and I actually think it's good quality or the price. I have been waiting for candle science to make a jar that is 13 oz and I'm glad to see they have. I already placed an order for several more so I can begin to phase out my other jars from another retailer that were more costly. The only downside is due to the dimensions of the jar it it a little costly to ship but that is offset by the low price of the jars. So far so good!