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How to make soy candles with essential oils

60 minutes
2 candles

Discover how to make soy essential oil candles in this beginner-friendly tutorial. Essential oil candles have a reputation for being difficult to make, but this easy-to-follow guide takes the guesswork out of the equation. You don’t have to be an advanced candle maker to make beautiful essential oil candles!

Additional items needed:

  • Small glass container (for measuring oils)
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Paper towel
  • Double boiler
  • Silicone or metal stirring spatula

Notes about essential oils in candles: 

  • Check the recommended usage percentage on the candle-approved essential oil product page and start with low percentages. Some essential oils shift at higher loads, so starting with a low load is an excellent way to avoid unpleasant results and product waste.
  • Always measure by weight, never by drops! Essential oils vary in density, so measuring by weight is the best way to ensure accuracy.



Step 1: Weigh and melt wax

Place a pouring pitcher on scale and tare the weight. Weigh 24 oz (680 g) of 464 Golden Brands soy wax.

Begin to melt the wax with a double boiler or hot plate.

Step 2: Prepare your jars

While your wax melts, wipe out your Burnt Sienna Modern Ceramic Jars with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and a clean paper towel. Using a wick sticker, center one CD 22 wick in each jar.

Step 3: Weigh and add the essential oil

Place small glass container on scale and tare the weight. Weigh 1.45 oz (41 g) of the Patchouli essential oil, approximately 6%. 

Once your wax has reached 185°F (85°C), add the measured Patchouli essential oil (or the candle-approved EO of your choice). Stir gently for 2 minutes to ensure that the oil is fully incorporated with the wax.

Step 4: Pour the wax

When the wax cools to 135°F (57.2°C), carefully pour the wax into the jars. 

Secure wick with a wick bar and allow your candles to fully cool.

Step 5: Trim the wick

Once your candles have cooled completely, remove the wick bars.

Trim the wick to ¼ in. (6 mm) and place a warning label on the bottom of the container. Let your soy candle with essential oil cure for 2 weeks before use.

Did you make it?

Show off your essential oil soy candles and all your handmade creations, with the CandleScience community by tagging us @CandleScience and using the #CandleScientist hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We may feature you in our Stories or on our website!

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