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A bowl of Golden Wax 464 Soy Wax Flakes
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Product Notice: Prices for 45 lb cases of Golden Brands 464, 454, 444, and 415 soy wax have been reduced!

We make every effort to reduce costs whenever possible so you can have the best products for your hobby or business–for less. We're thrilled to pass on these important savings to you!

Produced from US grown soybeans, Golden Brands 464 is our best selling soy wax and widely used by soy candle makers around the world—including our own staff. This all-natural wax creates candles with a smooth, opaque finish and contains soy-based additives that help reduce frosting and strengthen the fragrance throw.

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For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.

New to Soy Wax?

464 Troubleshooting Tips

Not getting a smooth finish on the surface of your candles?

  • Try pouring 5-10°F (2.8-5.6°C) hotter.
  • Don’t let your candles cool on surfaces like marble and granite. These materials draw out the heat from the candles too quickly.
  • Try a second pour or a heat gun to smooth the surface.

Not getting a strong fragrance throw?

  • Ensure you are curing your candles for two weeks to get the best results from the fragrance.
  • Make sure you are adding fragrance at 185°F (85°C).
  • Re-examine the wicking.
  • Make sure you are evaluating the scent throw of the candle in an appropriately-sized space relative to the size of the candle.

Explore Golden Brands 464 with a quick review and more troubleshooting tips.

Candle Maker's Notes:
This wax can be a little too soft for the summer heat. If you are shipping finished candles in hot weather, you may want to consider a soy wax with a higher melt point, like Golden Brands 444.

For additional help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.

Trying to find the right wick for your GB 464 candles? Our Wick Guide will help get your testing started.

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering 464 Soy Wax in bulk.

Made in the USA


Wax Type
Smooth, Creamy
Container / Tealight
Max Fragrance
10% or 1.6 oz./lb. (45 g/454 g)
Rec. Wick Series
Melt Point
113-119°F (45-48.3°C)
Pour Temp
135°F (57.2°C)
Prop 65 Warning


Heat to 185°F (85°C) using a double boiler. Add fragrance or essential oil, remove from heat, and stir for two minutes. Pour at 135°F (57.2°C). Allow candles to cure for two weeks for optimal fragrance throw.

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3 out of 5 Stars.
1113 reviews

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4 out of 5 Stars.
Love this wax

I see that the 464-soy wax has a rating of only 3 stars or so. Not sure why, I love this wax and it is the only one I use since I opened my business in 2019. I just wanted to give my input as this wax is amazing...... Thanks Candle Science!!

5 out of 5 Stars.

This will be my second time ordering, my candles come out amazing.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Best Wax Hands Down

Not sure why this wax is getting a bad wrap but 464 is the ONLY wax I use and I’ve had no issues! I will say that there are some fragrances that I have to go higher on the %, but that is NOT the waxes fault. Some fragrances are naturally softer than others and also note that not all fragrances even work well with soy! With that being said it blends very well with dye chips, it makes the perfect frosting for my dessert candles and I also use ECO wicks.

5 out of 5 Stars.
SO easy to wax & great HT/CT

If you do not get a HT, add FO at higher temp & make sure to CURE for 2 weeks! I learned that this was the best practice for getting a great hot throw. It's been super easy to wick, I use CD wicks.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Easy to work with with one caveat - cure longer for best scent throw

This soy wax is user-friendly and offers excellent value for its price. Through my experience, I've discovered that a fragrance concentration of 10% yields the best scent throw, especially when allowing the candles to cure for a recommended period of 45 days. The difference in aroma between the two-week mark and the full 45 days is remarkably noticeable.

While soy wax is often touted as an environmentally friendly option due to its renewable source from soybeans, I've observed carbon build-up on my HVAC filter, raising questions about its environmental benefits. Despite this, the wax remains a renewable resource. Considering the extended curing time required for soy wax, I'm contemplating a switch to para-soy for future batches.

After employing formulas to calculate precise fragrance amounts and minimize leftovers, I've now found a creative use for excess fragrance. I utilize it to top off candles with imperfect tops, ensuring minimal wastage. For instance, in an 8 oz candle, using 8 oz of soy wax and 0.8 oz of fragrance (resulting in approximately 8.5 oz after heating) allows me to pour 8 oz initially and save the remainder for touch-ups. The jars usually have enough space to accommodate this small additional amount.

Additionally, I've adopted the practice of heating my jars with a heat gun just before pouring. This technique consistently produces candles with smooth tops, devoid of holes and exhibiting minimal, if any, frosting.

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