Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax

Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax
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An all natural soy wax that holds lots of fragrance oil and helps reduce frosting. Golden Brands 464 is our best selling soy wax and a favorite of soy candle makers everywhere!

Produced from US Grown Soybeans!

Note: Wax is packaged in flake form.
50 lb. Case Size: 16" x 13" x 13.5"

Golden Wax Update: Golden Brands, LLC was acquired by AAK in 2011. Due to this acquisition the logos for the Golden Wax we carry has changed, but the product remains the same.

Wholesale Soy Wax Ordering
Check out our wholesale page for more information on ordering 464 Soy Wax in bulk or by the pallet.

Candle Making Notes:
Golden Brand's soy waxes are a little newer than those from Cargill and Nature's Gifts, but they've become some of our favorites - especially the 464. It has been very consistent over time, and gives a smooth and creamy appearance - mostly due to its low melt point. While this helps create a nice look and helps to reduce frosting, it can be a little too soft for the summer heat. If you are shipping finished candles in hot weather, you may want to look at a soy wax with a higher melt point, like the GB 444. Golden Brands 464 holds lots of fragrance, but even better, it throws fragrance very well. There are other soy waxes that hold as much, but we've found that if you put the 464 up against other waxes - all with the same amount of fragrance - you get the best fragrance throw with the 464.

VIDEO: Golden Brands Soy Wax Comparison We speak with Golden Brands about the differences between their container soy waxes.

VIDEO: Golden Brands Soy is US Grown We caught up with Golden Brands at the NCA and discussed where their soybeans are grown.

New to Soy Wax?
Check out our video Candle Making with Soy Wax featuring GB 464. The video includes a list of materials to get you started.

As you'll see in the video, the 464 wax in a candle tin, with no color, is really the easiest way to get started making soy candles. There are a couple of reasons why: the opaque sides of the tin hide any glass adhesion imperfections. The natural white color of the wax hides much of the effects of frosting. The 464 soy wax is very consistent, so a beginner will be able to make a terrific candle if they follow the directions closely. Just use one of our soy-tested fragrance oils (ratings of 2 and 3 work best), check out our wick guide, and get started!

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.


Melt Point 115-119°F
Max Fragrance 12% or 2oz./lb.
Wax Type Natural Soy Wax
Pour temp 135°F (+/- 5°)
Applications Container / Tealight


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Submitted on 2015-10-05

I'm fairly new to the candle making business, but I love this wax. I get a smooth top every time. All my candles have strong hot and cold throws. This wax, colors very easily. Lately since the weather has been changing I've had a frosting issue on the bottoms, but I believe it's from the counter top possible causing it from lack of heat holding, will try different methods to prevent that in the future. I heat my wax to 185, and add the color, I add the fragrance around 150, and pour around 130. Just have to figure out the frosting on the bottom issue, but candles are perfect every time.

Submitted on 2015-10-05

I have to say how HAPPY I am with this wax. I have been making candles for many, many years and have always had sinkholes. I can not remember a time where I didn't have to do a second pour. Well, those days are gone.

I started my fall candle making with (8) 4 inch wide glass jars, making sure to save some wax for the sinkholes that were sure to come. Alas, they cured with a perfectly smooth top. The most professional looking candles I have ever produced.

I did not heat my jars, they were at room temperature (70 degrees), as I see many people have done. I heated the wax to 185 degrees, added color and fragrance at that time, then stirred and waited to pour at about 160-170 degrees. I felt no need to wrap them, just left them to cure naturally.

There was no frosting or spotting, they literally came out perfect. Too bad I can not post a picture. I will definitely buy this wax again and recommend it to anyone into making candles!!!!!!!

Submitted on 2015-09-12

This wax is PERFECT in every respect except one! It is clean and easy to work with, it's forgiving in every respect. It holds color great, easy to pour, provides smooth beautiful tops, nice and creamy, has a very good cold throw. The problem is, it has almost no hot throw whatsoever at (12% FO load). If you're looking to make unscented candles this is by far and away the best choice of all! If you're making scented candles and want to smell the scent when lit, shop around this one isn't it!

I like it however...
Submitted on 2015-09-12

I like this wax but the last batch I bought for some reason my candles do not have a good cold or hot scent throw. I have read reviews from buyers of other handmade candles saying the soy candles scent their whole house. The most I get is in the room the candle is in. It depends on the fragrance I am using as well. I'm testing numerous candles before I start my business and not sure what I am doing wrong in regards to scent throw. Overall I like the way this wax makes my candles look. Very pretty and smooth!

Submitted on 2015-08-27

I have had horrible results with this wax! I had previously used Ecosoya Pillar Blend with pretty good results but always had to do a second pour to get a smooth top. I thought I would give this a try - it had good reviews and was cheaper. I bought a 10 lb box and had perfect results with smooth tops in one pour. After that I bought a 50 lb box and have not had a single smooth pour since. I have experimented with different temps but have had not success. I made about 50 candles in June and after 2 months the discoloration is horrible (I also don't dye my candles so the discoloration on undyed candles is even noticeable). I am embarrassed to sell these candles.

Submitted on 2015-08-16

Best wax! I have bought this wax for two years! It never dussapoints!

Submitted on 2015-08-12

This wax did a beautiful job!
I heated it to 185 degrees, added two dye chips and got an amazing and BOLD color in the soy wax. I then added an ounce of fragrance an removed it from the heat and stirred it super well.
I poured the candles and then wrapped the jars about an inch apart in towel to make sure they didn't cool to quickly.
The outcome was perfect! I have no sink holes and beautifully smooth tops with no frosting or anything. I love this wax!

So far..Great!
Submitted on 2015-08-03

I have had zero issues with getting smooth tops. I consistently heat to 185, remove from heat, FO and stir 40 times each way. I then check temp. If it went below 170, I reheat for a moment and bring it to about 173. I slowly pour into PREHEATED jars. Perfectly smooth beautiful tops everytime! I would like to know from others how long you cure your candies before burning?

Need to experiment - Will use higher pour temp next time
Submitted on 2015-08-03

I was using this wax for quite a while but had a hard time getting a good looking candle (frosting and rough tops). The hot and cold throw would always be amazing but I could never perfect a technique with consistent results. I had the best luck with preheating the jars in the oven, pouring at with a temp of ~150F and letting cool in my house with the heat cranked up for 2-3 days. Most attempts I still had some minor frosting.

I've since switched to CB Advanced and have had better luck with no frosting and smooth tops, but nothing compares to the 464 hot/cold throw. After seeing some other reviews where they had success with a pour temp at 170F, I may try this wax again.

Would recommend to anyone who has time to play around and experiment.

Submitted on 2015-06-01

This wax is awful! I've been using Ecosoya advanced for over a year, but thought I'd give this wax a try since it had fairly good reviews and was a little cheaper. I bought the 10lb bag and liked it. Then I bought the 50lb bag. I have made about 5 different batches, and have had major surface issues (uneven or random holes) with almost every candle. They look awful...unsellable! I warm my containers and heat/pour at appropriate temps. I will be switching back to Eco right away, as I never had these issues. What a waste of money and time! Go for the Ecosoya brands!

Submitted on 2015-05-29

I just love this wax! I have been using it for about three years now. It is my go to for all candle making! Holds the scent!

Submitted on 2015-05-28

We just bought this wax because the other wax we were using was giving us frosting and wet spots. The cold throw on this wax is absolutely amazing but I can't get a hot throw whatsoever!! Not sure what we are doing wrong. We are melting it correctly, we are pouring the FO at the temp of its flashpoint and even let it cure for two days. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong or give me any tips? Would be much appreciated.

Submitted on 2015-05-26

I wanted this wax to work so badly! The cold throw was great, hot throw, not so much.

HOWEVER, I'd advise getting this shipped to a PO box. The is the second batch in a row that I've received that was completely infested with hundreds ants due to holes in the plastic bags.

Not satisfied at all.

this is perfect for me
Submitted on 2015-05-08

i ordered 10lb for the first time.

and it's so much fun. i luv making candles. n i would luv to try it again. n maybe i have to order 50lb next time :)

Submitted on 2015-05-07

I LOVE THIS WAX!!! I have tried so many others and so far the key to a perfect candle with this one is pouring at 165. I let it heat up to about 215, pull and let sit, add in the fragrance right below its flash point and pour always at that temp. If I have a fragrance thats lower than that temp (like nag champa is 157) then I pour at 155 or as close as possible to that higher temp. I use 8oz glass and ceramic along with 2oz tins and all of them have smooth tops and no wet spots. I will be a loyal fan for a while!

Submitted on 2015-05-02

tried other soy waxes and 464 gives the best scent throw. i found that you need to heat the jars in oven before. ever since i started doing that i've had ZERO sink hole issues.

Golden Brands 464 Soy WAX
Submitted on 2015-03-12

Let me start by saying I love this Wax I have some from different Company and this is the best by far. I was recommend to this company by the Ultimate guide candle soy making book. ( I am also new to candlemaking) I followed her instruction which is heat to 185 deg pour frag in and pour 125 and my candles came out perfect. Cold throw is great. I will def cont ordering from CS and the frag are awesome. and Fast shipping is always a plus. Thanks a bunch

Worked GREAT for a first timer
Submitted on 2015-03-08

I am completely new at making candles. I purchased 50lbs of 464. After reading many reviews I decided to add the dye and fragrance oil at 185 degrees and pour at 170 degrees. My candles came out perfect! Completely smooth tops, no frosting, no bubbles. They look like professionally made candles. I will be purchasing again!

Works all right
Submitted on 2015-02-24

I have now purchased 2 10lb boxes of this wax and am about to order a 3rd. I add fragrance at about 180. Then I let cool to 125 +/- 5 and pour in each container. I have no issues with frosting or sink holes and have never had to add more wax. The hot throw is almost just as good as the cold throw. My issue is simply wet spots and I'm sure it is my fault because I have not heated the containers. This time around I'll be heating my containers to see if that makes a difference.

Submitted on 2015-01-18

Before I switch over to the IGI 6006 Parasoy I wanted to write a review on the GW 464.
I have gone through more than a case of this, and was never sure how the candles would turn out. I had many problems with sinkholes, adhesion, and frosting. I would pour 3 candles out of the same pot and some would be perfect and some had frosting and wet spots. It was a given they would need a re-pour because of sinkholes and lumpy tops. I was following the directions to a outlined in the video, as far as temperatures to add color, fragrance, and pouring. However, after doing some research I started adding 1 T. Coconut oil to the 185° wax and stirring to thoroughly combine, also instead of pouring at 135° I poured at 110°. It was like night and day! No more sinkholes, or frosting, nice creamy tops, but still some wet spots, which I attribute to cooling too quickly. Another batch I put into a preheated ice chest when they were set up enough to move, and left them overnight. Once again, 2 were perfect, and 1 had a huge wet spot. - but so far no frosting on any of them! All jars were preheated. After trying the IGI 6006, (and loving it) I can't see myself going back to straight soy, but hopefully this will help someone who is having some issues with this wax.

Best Soy Wax
Submitted on 2015-01-09

I use this wax in addition to the CB Advanced soy wax. I do a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture. I use 2 oz. of fragrance oil per 20 oz. of wax. It's perfect! No frosting, No holes near the wicks, excellent scent throw when using the Vybar 260! I love your oils as well.

Good Wax Needs Some Help
Submitted on 2015-01-06

My experience with the wax has been positive, but I did have to add vybar and UV inhibitor to the blend. Overall, the wax pool was great, there was some great throw to the candles also. I'd recommend using 1 1/2 ounces of fragrance per pound as 2 ounces can end up causing the oil to seep.

Overall, this is one of the best brands that Candlescience carries. I am very pleased with it.

Submitted on 2015-01-04

I am currently on my second box of GB 464 and keep hoping my candles will get better. I am getting a beautiful candle and great cold throw but have very little hot throw. I am thinking of switching to the paraffin/soy blend wax IGI 6006. I currently add fragrance at 185 and pour at 160 and this leaves me with a smooth top. I also heat my jars before adding wax. Any info on IGI 6006 would be great!! (Fragrance temp and pouring temp.) I need a stronger hot throw!

Love this wax!
Submitted on 2014-12-26

I'll admit, it took some time to get used to the GB464 wax. I was making candle after candle and getting excellent cold throw, and just ok hot throw. I tried pouring at 135, 150, 170 etc. etc. I kept getting little hot throw, plus aesthetic issues (sink holes, rough tops etc). I've since change my method and I'm getting much better results. I don't heat the wax to 185 anymore. I put the wax in the microwave on defrost until it's almost clear (3-4 mins), with a few solid wax chips still in it. I stir until those solid specs are melted. When the wax thickens up (like the thick consistency of oil) I add my 7% fragrance, stir slowly for two minutes and pour once a film starts to form over the wax. If I'm using a dark colored dye, I wait to pour until the wax is slushy, then heat it back up until its liquid and let it cool back down to slushy. This has pretty much eliminated the frosting for me. If the top isn't as smooth as I like, I just go over it with a heat gun to smooth it out. To prevent wet spots, I heat my glass on a warmer while the wax melts. After I pour, I cover the candles with a box to slow down the cooling. The wax and glass should be as close to the same temp as they can be so that the wax doesn't separate from the glass. This is what has worked for me, maybe it will be helpful to some of you too! Good luck and happy experimenting!

no hot throw
Submitted on 2014-12-15

I have no idea why I'm not getting any hot throw. My candles turn out perfect, no sink holes, no wet spots, they burn great but no fragrance when they are lit. I heat wax to 185 add FO, mix well and pour at 170. I let my candles cure for 3-4 days. Im also using 8oz mason jars with ECO 10 wicks. Can someone please help.

Danville Candles
Submitted on 2014-12-09

I have read several reviews and want to provide you with my experience. I have purchased with wax from CandleScience for several years. Sometimes, typically when purchased in the colder months do I experience issues with sink holes. What I have found is once the wax has settled at room temperature I don't get the sink holes.

I melt to 180 degrees. I fragrance close to 100 degrees, stir and pour. I pour each container by half, wait about a minute and then pour the remainder. This method gives me a smooth top. I continue to get a great cold and hot throw with this method.


Submitted on 2014-12-05

I spent a night testing my pour temps on this wax in 5 degree intervals. Anything I pour that is below 150 definitely gets sinkholes on the side of wick....and this is with lx and eco wicks being tested. I highly recommend 160-170 pour temp. However, I could use some good advice on storing as I am having a big problem with wet spots days later. I do entirely to many candles for individually wrapping in towels...I would love any feedback or
Thank You :)

Submitted on 2014-11-26

Wanted come back at finish my review. Received my third box of this wax and it worked wonderfully again! I was so relieved. I didn't have to do anything additional to get good results and I really don't even pay too much attention to temps. I must have received a "dud" box the second time around. Now I just fear getting another one. But I love this wax so much that I will keep ordering.

Submitted on 2014-11-08

I've purchased two 50 pound boxes a year apart. My box last year worked amazing. No problems. The one that I got this year I've had nothing be problems with concerning sink holes. I started heating my containers first and that's seemed to help with some of the containers I was using, but half of them I am still having this problem. Tried pouring at different temps... no difference either. A bit frustrating. But I make too many at a time to wrap them all in towels and move them to a cupboard like some have suggested. I am ordering another box now... hoping that I get better results.

Trial & error
Submitted on 2014-11-08

I have been using Eco CB Advanced for about 8 months now, wanted to try GB 464 due to the lower price & reviews of stronger Hot throw.
I poured my first tester, 185 add fragrance- 135 pour temp- cracked and was lumpy ( didn't heat jar)
I tried a second tester- 185 add fragrance oil - 150 pour- a little smoother, but still a little uneven finish.
Third time- 185 fragrance oil-160 pour temp, and it came out just as clean and smooth as the Ecosoya CB advanced.

Seems like everyone is having different results, consider your temp surroundings as well. I am happy with the results I have gotten with the GB464 and plan to purchase it from here on out!
Good luck fellow chandlers :0)

Submitted on 2014-10-25

I have used this wax now for 6 years. It is by far the best and easiest wax to use. I have gone through many 50 pound boxes of it!

Having issues...
Submitted on 2014-10-24

This is my first go around making soy candles and I thought I'd start with the 464 wax. For the life of me I can't seem to get a smooth top... I've poured anywhere from 110 to 100 and I still get sinkholes and cracks around the wick :/ If anyone has any advice, I welcome any suggestion!!! My email is

Great wax for glass containers
Submitted on 2014-10-21

I've been using this wax for over a year now and have had great results after considerable trial and error. Hands down this is probably the best soy wax for cold and hot throw. The hot throw easily fills a room with 1.25 oz fragrance per pound of wax. The best technique I've developed so far to reduce frosting to almost none (with a few pop-ups here and there) is as follows:

First, it's important that the room in which you let the candles cure for about 2-3 days is held at a pretty constant temperature around 68F, preferably closer to 70. Anything 65 or under will frost like crazy in my experience. I heat the wax up to 185F, then add dye (liquid or solid- liquid has worked best for me), then wait a minute or two while stirring in the dye. Next add the fragrance oil at 1-1.5 oz/lb wax, but make sure the flash point is above 180F, or you will evaporate out your fragrance. Some have lower flash points so be careful. Continue stirring slowly until the temperature reaches 170F then pour. I do not preheat my jars but that seems to work for some people. Allow the wax to harden undisturbed, which may take about 30-45 minutes, then wrap them in a bath towel and tuck them away in a cabinet or area where the temperature is pretty constant. This creates an insulating effect that will allow your candles to cure slower, which will deter crystal formation. Any dramatic change of temperature within the first 2-3 days of curing will frost over your candles, guaranteed. And, honestly, I've seen frosting pop up on candles I've had around for months due to a dramatic temperature change, so it's really just a reality of using soy wax. Remove the candles from the towel after 2-3 days and hurray! No frosting, no wet spots, no pockets. This has worked consistently for me with multiple different color and fragrance oil combinations. Try it out! Oh and as an additional note, I've found that adding more than 1.5 oz fragrance oil per pound of wax creates seepage from an oil overload. I stick around 1.25 oz/lb and get great hot and cold throw with zero fragrance oil pooling.

Love this wax!
Submitted on 2014-09-28

Have bought 3 50lb cases of wax and have never had any issues with it. heat to 185 and pour at 160 and works GREAT! excellent scent throw and everybody who burns my candles love them! Thanks for a Great product!

No Hot Throw
Submitted on 2014-08-22

I have used this wax as I have been told and read in reviews. After all the ways I have tried and used up a lot of the wax. I am getting no hot throw from any of the candles. I figured heating to 185 and one of the many pour temps I have tried would have produced results. Each candle has been cured for a week or more. I have stirred two minutes up to four minutes just trying to get something to give me results. I read many websites looking for clues on 464 and what would get to a hot throw. They mostly said to heat the jars. The heating of jars didn't work ether. I tried a few different scents at different ounces. I'm using 4oz and 8oz jars with Eco 10 wicks. I am open to any help. The good thing I can say is this wax is very easy to clean up.

No Hot Throw
Submitted on 2014-08-22

I am having trouble getting a hot throw. I use 1 oz to 1lb and I heated to 185 added the scent and let it cool to 170. I got smooth tops and no frosting but i have no scent. I tried the candle the next day and have read you have to let it Cure? Has anyone found this to be true? Any recommendations?

Great wax
Submitted on 2014-08-17

Had trouble to start with getting fragrance oil seepage from my candles but learned I was not getting my wax to the 185 recommended . No more seepage. Smooth tops. And nice fragrance throw. Still testing wicks in a new size jar. Anyone have a favorite wick type that works best for you?

Good Wax - Just need to experiment
Submitted on 2014-07-29

After a couple of tries, what wound up working best for me is adding the dye and 185, stir 2 mins, remove from heat, add FO, stir 3 minutes then pour. After a 3 minute stir the wax temp (1 lb) drops to about 170-175. Doing this I got consistently smooth tops and no frosting. Colors had an nice pastel shade. I did this with 5 different FO's and 4 colors and the results were consistent pouring at the higher temps. One note, these were 8 oz tins with ECO 10 wicks and 10-12% FO. As much as I liked this wax, I still want to try the IGI 4627 since I am a big fan of obnoxiously strong candle scents and the 4627 seems to have the best cold and hot throw of all the waxes based on reviews I have read.

Great wax but be cautious
Submitted on 2014-07-19

This is the second type of wax that I have tried and it's my second 10 lb. bag of it. I've found that (at least in my house) I can't pour this wax at the 170 that other do. I end up with frosting like crazy. I heat to 185, add my color and fragrance until its dissolved and follow the instructions of the wax. However, I let my wax cool between 155 and 150 before I pour (I do not heat my jars). Instead of heating my jars, I use small dish towels from the dollar store and wrap around each individual class. Once I did this, my candles came out almost perfect. There has a small crack around the tops where it looks like it may cave but it never does. Its not really noticeable unless you're looking for it and if it bothers use, just use a heat gun to fix the tops. No problem. I think this wax is great but there is a trick to it so you have to be patient.

Horrible all the way around
Submitted on 2014-07-16

I bought this wax because I order my paraffin through them so I thought why not try it and see how it works. It was horrible, it came to me it one big melted blob of wax, if I could post pictures I would, then I tried it anyway, the wax would not hold the color or the scent and when I called about it they gave me this big long speech about the colors in soy, I sent them emails of the previous 464 I used and the colors were bright, vibrant and beautiful. They continue to tell me it didn't matter how it was shipped to me I was just going to melt it anyway. This was needs some help as well as their customer service will not be ordering this again, I gave them 2 stars at least for the effort.

Great Wax to Start With
Submitted on 2014-07-14

I am a first timer just starting a candle-making business, and with the tutorials offered on Candle Science I have had absolutely no problems with this wax. I've used nine different fragrances, eight different colors in different concentrations, and every batch has come out smooth and frosting-free. My candles look better than the professional candle and soap company candles we sell at my regular 9-5 job -- but soon my candles will join theirs on the shelves! Hot and cold throws for candles all seem to be adequate. I *do* notice a lumpy surface on most candles if they are burned for a SHORT TIME -- if I burn them for longer times (an hour or more) I do not have this problem at all. Longer burns = smooth surfaces after and no lumps. Overall, I feel happy with my choice of GB464 for my budding business. I typically use 1.2oz fragrance per pound of wax for almost all of my candles.

Love it!
Submitted on 2014-05-19

This wax is very easy to work with and has amazing cold & hot throws!

First burn results
Submitted on 2014-05-14

I am new to the 464 soy wax. I love the results as it gives good throws, both hot and cold. When I first burned my candle it burned very well but after burning it created a lumpy surface. Does anyone know how I can correct this?

Great Wax!
Submitted on 2014-05-03

This wax is really good. It has great scent throw. It has smooth tops. I have a candle company and use this wax all the time.

Lumpy surface after 1st burn... help!
Submitted on 2014-04-29

I made a batch of candles 2 days ago with 1.5 oz FO per lb of wax.
I heated to 185 and poured at 170 (as people recommended on CS). When it dried, I used a blowtorch to get rid of any sinkholes. I lit the candle today and it burned beautifully; however, after I blew it out after 3 hours of burning it has caters and weird bumpy surfaces too! I noticed that the wax slightly bubbled when it was lit.

Wondering how to fix it?

Also, I would prefer more scent throw from the candle? Any suggestions? Has anyone used vybar for soy?

This is my favorite Soy Wax
Submitted on 2014-03-20

I have been using GB 464 for several months now. It isn't always consistent from box to box but you will learn to work out the kinks. I usually use 1 ounce to 1 1/2 ounce of fragrance oil per pound and have not had any leaching problems at all. I live in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. I heat my wax to 180 degrees, add my fragrance and stir for about two minutes. I heat my jars in the oven and take them out to cool when my wax is about ten minutes to pour time. I have been pouring between 140 and 145 and that seems to work for me with the cooler weather, however I don't see the need to do that in the warmer months. I have used Ecosoya 135 before this and find this wax much easier to work with.
If you get discouraged, keep on testing. I tried several pour temps before I got it down.
It seems that there is no hard and fast rules to making soy candles except expect the unexpected and go with the flow. As the weather changes soy wax may change too.
I find the GB 464 to be worth the trials.

Awesome wax for a beginner as well as an expert
Submitted on 2014-03-16

I've used 100 pounds of this wax in just under three week.I don't understand why some people are having a frosting problem? I've had no complaints from my customers!

Best Soy Wax Ever
Submitted on 2014-03-11

I have tried several soy waxes but GB464 is by far the best. I love the smooth tops and the end result. Will definitely continue to use this wax. Great job Candlescience. I love your products!!!!!

Sent the wrong wax, please ignore review below
Submitted on 2014-02-15

I wrote the review below this one, and it turns out I was sent the wrong wax, I was sent Golden Brands 444 and not the GB 464.. What a huge difference in wax! The GB 444 would not work for me.

Great in 1lb sizes, but 50lb size is horrible!!
Submitted on 2014-02-15

I ordered 3 separate lbs of this wax and it was absolutely awesome, so I decided to order a 50lb box and now I have a horrible mess. I have sink holes and cracks on the tops of my candles and the wax is lumpy. Nothing changed in my candle making but the size of the box I ordered. I have experimented with different pour temps to try and get this wax to work and its all bad.. Couldn't have come at a worse time, as I had just launched my company and I was standing their holding a bunch of really bad product. I'm not sure why there would be a difference between single pound wax and a box of 50 lbs,, but there is!!

Perfect Products
Submitted on 2014-02-10

I am new to candle making. I received my products to make my candles with in two days. Extremely fast shipping. I made 12 candles with one 10 lb. bag of 464 Soy Wax. Amazing. Very easy to make. Your videos are helpful. I made beautiful, sellable candles. Thanks Candle Science for helping me start my candle business. I will definitely be ordering from ONLY you guys. Beautiful jars as well. The only place I've found all the jars that I need for my customers.

I was wrong!
Submitted on 2014-01-17

Had some problems with my first try at the appropriate wick, but have actually ended up with your recommendations being incredibly helpful! So my thanks and apologies to customer service...I'd be lost without candle science :)

The Secret to Success!!!
Submitted on 2014-01-03

This is my second order for the GB464. I went through tons of test and my container candles kept ending up with wet spots, sink holes, major frosting, very little hot throw,ragged tops etc. etc. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed and I almost stopped ordering this wax.

However, I have now seen the light! The pour temp listed did not work for me. It says to pour at 135, give or take 5 and I tried pouring everywhere from 120-150 and I kept having problems. I've now made 3 container candles (in the 12oz cube jars) and they are beautiful! No frosting, no separation, no sink holes, perfectly smooth tops! The secret? I stopped pouring in the 120-140 range and started pouring at 170. Ok, so it's not a secret. Other comments mention this, but it's made a huge difference for me. The cold throw now reaches all over my house and I live in a bilevel, 4 bedroom home. I can smell the candles in every room, even when they aren't lit!

So, if any of you are experiencing the problems that I am, try heating the wax to 185, adding the color and scent and then pouring at 170. See if you love the results as much as I do!

Also, if you're not getting the throw you want, make sure you're adding fragrance to 1lb of wax. I was using too much fragrance and was getting poor hot & cold throw. Using a full 1lb of wax changed this for me as well. Sorry this review is so long, but hopefully it helps someone out there!

Happy candle making!

Submitted on 2013-12-19

I absolutely love this wax. I came from using GB 444 and was unhappy with the amount of frosting I was getting using it so I decided to try the 464 and I am very happy I did! I get zero frosting, smooth and creamy tops and overall beautiful looking candles. I think the hot throw in this wax is better than the 444 as well. I will continue to buy my 464 from Candle Science! THANKS.

Great Results in Containers
Submitted on 2013-12-03

used the 4 oz candle tins and followed the directions in the video. I had great results. No shrinkage in the tins. Great - easy to use product. Loved the video too!

How to use with essential oils
Submitted on 2013-12-02

This was my first time making candles. When I made a couple with the sample fragrance oil, they turned out perfectly. I want to use essential oils though and my first try they had very little scent throw when burning. I put in 1 tsp per lb of peppermint essential oil. I heated to 185, stirred in the scent, and then poured at 135. Does anyone have hints for using essential oil with this wax?

Great Wax for Beginning a Candle Maker!
Submitted on 2013-11-26

I will start off by saying that I never ever write reviews for products, but I'm so pleased my the results I had to comment. I have never made candles before, but decided it was something I wanted to try for Xmas presents this year. I used this wax and my candles turned out beautifully! I used the double boiler method. I heated my wax until it melted, added in color chips, got the temp. to 185 degrees and added my scent. I also heated my jars in the oven at 200 degrees, and poured a little hotter than suggested, around 160 degrees. No frosting, no pooling of FO or sweating, no problems! I'm kind of obsessed now and already ordering more scents. Luckily, the warehouse is only 15 minutes from me so I don't have to pay for shipping :)

Wick size
Submitted on 2013-11-20

Just a warning, don't order by the recommendations, go through the testing. I followed the recommended wick for jar size. Soy type, and it would not stay lit for 15 minutes. You may need a different size!, And it varies with scents, so be careful to test! My only complaint was the way I was treated on the phone, after spending 150 including shipping. Rather cold. The products are good, the scents are yummy!

Newbie at Candlemaking
Submitted on 2013-11-20

Thought I try my hand at soy candle making after buying soy candles and loving them. I ordered 10 lbs of the GB464 and made 24 candles. They turned out beautiful...only 1 had a little frosting. I heated to 185 and poured at 135. I did warm my jars in the oven. Maybe this helps to not get the frosting. My only issue is getting more hot throw from some of the scents. I added 1oz of fragrance per lb but am going to try 1.5 oz per lb on my next batch. I'm obsessed with my new hobby...I just ordered more wax and can't wait to try more fragrances.

Great product!
Submitted on 2013-11-17

I used this wax to make candles for a wedding (2-5 oz jars for favors) - it was perfect! I was a bit hesitant because of the mixed reviews, but I had used soy wax before and couldn't find a better deal online, so I went with it. I played around with scents, dyes, and temperatures at different stages - from wax temp, to jar temp, to even room temp. Almost every batch turned out great, with a few minor flaws here and there. As soon as I realized that not EVERY candle was going to be perfect (haha), I'd created a chart to document each step and every detail along the way ( _strongly recommended for beginners like myself_ ). By doing so, I could easily pinpoint every problem I encountered (i.e. see the error of my ways) ...most mistakes were very minor, which I don't think I would have paid any mind to otherwise. The chart also allowed me to experiment a lot more, and quickly upped my learning curve. ...not to mention, it helps to simply follow directions ;)
Con: The 50 lb box of wax was delivered to my door step on a warm summer day, several hours before returning home from work yeah, apparently ants really like soy.

Good Cold Throw, No Hot Throw! WHY, Golden Brands 464, WHY?
Submitted on 2013-11-12

I am having the WORST TIME with this wax. I don't understand? I keep reading reviews and see some people saying they got a bad batch.. Should I trust purchasing soy wax from here? I got a 50 pound batch and am curious if I should even trust Golden Brand. Also, I am using fragrance oil from Mill Creek with my soy wax. I tried heating it between 175-180, pouring at 135. I even tried melting at different temps and max FO loads. Any combination you can think of. Does anyone have advice? I am using a double boiler but putting my pouring pot in to another pot of water and place something beneath the pouring pot so my pouring pot is not directly on top of the heat. Is it the fragrance oil? I have even bought multiple different thermometers in case it was not reading correctly. I put the thermometer in the wax and one in the water to test also. I tried going by the temp of the thermometer in the wax, and tried another batch with the temp of the thermometer in the water just for kicks. What gives? Pretty frustrated. So frustrated I'm not sure if this rant even makes sense! Please help, any advise is helpful.

Why all the complaints?
Submitted on 2013-11-03

I just made 3 batches of candles for the first time yesterday and I honestly don't see why it's gotten so many negative reviews. I didn't get a single crater or sink hole. All came out with smooth, beautiful tops. However, I did experience frosting along the sides of a couple glass containers with my first batch so I tried pouring at a hotter temperature the 2nd time. The 3rd time was the charm. I poured at somewhere between 175-180 degrees and only experienced a minimal amount of frosting on the very bottom of my glass containers. I will definitely keep using this wax and my advice to anyone having issues with frosting would be to make sure to pour at a high temperature, 170-180 degrees should help reduce frosting. I'm going to try adding a tsp of crisco or coconut oil next time to see if it helps eliminate frosting all together.

Loved it!
Submitted on 2013-11-02

This wax worked great for me! I'm not sure what others are complaining about, but I made my first three candles about two weeks ago and I have no complaints about this wax. I will definitely buy it again.

Not good at all!
Submitted on 2013-10-22

The first time I got the 646 wax was through a different company so when I needed to reorder I decided to get the wax plus the fragrance all through the same company to save money on shipping. I love the fragrance oils candle science sells but was not happy with the wax. This wax holds hardly any fragrance at all. I have to use 2oz per lb and I still hardly get any scent from it when I burn my candles. I will never buy this wax again. Had to replace all the candles I sold to people and lost out on a lot of money because of this wax. :(

Horrible horrible wax - bad batch???
Submitted on 2013-10-10

I have previously used EcoSoya Advanced wax which was fantastic. It was sold out where I normally buy it and thought I'd try a new one. Maybe I got a bad batch but this wax looks absolutely horrendous as it dries. Tops look downright disgusting in my opinion and the scent is pretty much gone after cooling. What a waste. I now have candles that look terrible and smell like nothing at all. I would not buy this wax ever again.

Frosting of GB464 wax
Submitted on 2013-10-10

Some 50 lb. boxes work well, others not. I don't know why? Also, I'm concerned about the frosting that occurs regardless of fo, amount, color, pour temp,etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Sweating issues
Submitted on 2013-10-07

The first box of GW 464 was great. I'd give it almost 5 stars. I was using an FO load of 9% and getting smooth tops. I just got a new box a few weeks ago and this time I am getting horrible tops as well as massive amounts of sweating. The only variable in my formula that changed is the new wax. I have now reduced my FO load to 7% and am STILL getting pools of FO on the tops of my candles. I did a temperature test last night making sure to stir very well the entire time. I poured at 155, 150, 145, 140, 135, 130, 125 and 120. All have good adhesion but ALL are sweating. Is anyone else having this issue? I think I may have gotten a bad box. My order shipped from the NV location.

Latest batch is a FAIL
Submitted on 2013-10-06

My original order was great, I followed the directions on melt and pour temps and had no issues. This time around, I am getting craters in the tops and it almost appears crystallized on the tops. I have adjusted the pour temps and decreased the FO added. Same results with this batch. I am open to ANY suggestions?

Submitted on 2013-09-18

I used the Golden Brand 464 for the first time and did not get a hot throw. I heated wax to 185 in double boiler, took out, added dye and fragrance immediately, poured at 135. The candles look gorgeous but no throw. BTW, I made 5 batches! Please help!

No scent throw
Submitted on 2013-09-16

Hellllp!! I just can't seem to get a hot scent throw!

Great Scent throw horrible pour temps!
Submitted on 2013-08-30

This wax has great hot and cold throw however if I pour at anything below 170 I get ugly lumpy bumpy cratered candles. If you are having trouble with this wax try pouring at 170.

Smooth tops - No frosting!
Submitted on 2013-08-26

So I used GB 464 for the first time recently and was amazed at how smooth and creamy the tops of my candles turned out! There was zero frosting on the tops and the sides. Very happy with this purchase, just wish shipping wasn't such a killer! But because of the beautiful candles that this wax gave me, I will definitely be buying more.

Love it!
Submitted on 2013-08-06

I'm a total newbie to candle making. I made my very first candle last night with GB 464. I heated up to 185 and poured at 160. I woke up to a beautiful, professional looking candle! I didn't have to re-pour or anything. It developed a little bit of frosting on the sides of the jar, but I'm told this is normal. I've made 2 more since then and except for having to re-pour one because of a tiny crater, they all look perfect! I recommend this wax to anyone starting out. Will definitely reorder!

Submitted on 2013-07-21

I have tried other soy 415 hated it, tried para soy blend it was ok, now I tried 464 and love it. I heat to 180 add fragrance at 175 I do not use dyes at all anymore and noticed scent throw is truly amazing! I pour at 145-155 and my candles come out perfect! Oh I also use 2oz of fragrance per pound

Frosting on GW464
Submitted on 2013-07-10

I recently bought GW464 soy was from hearing such good views from this product. I just started making candles and I have done about 6 batches of this wax so far. Each seems to be frosting. I do this in my basement where it is cooler, I have heated my wax to 185 degrees then add FO @ 180 and Dye (liquid)around 170 degrees, then have poured at temps from 110 degrees up to 130 degrees. Seems like it pours and sets ok at first, but after about a day, I see the frosting start to occur. Anyone else having issues with frosting? Please give any advice that may help. Thank you.

Want to get started
Submitted on 2013-07-08

Can someone please help, I want to start using this product, I usually use 8oz jars, what is a good wick size that works for anyone using the 8oz? Please email me at
thanks so much

Please I have a question help!
Submitted on 2013-06-29

I'm using soy wax 464. My question is two part: to add fragrance oil are we measuring the dry wax amount or melted wax amount? Because I scooped 1 lb of wax and when it melts it is less than 1 lb so I'm wondering if there is a ratio I can use. Like what weight of dry wax equals melted wax so I know how much fragrance to use, please help. Btw I love this company and its products. Great prices also.

Simply the best!
Submitted on 2013-06-21

Golden Brand 464 is by far the best on the market. I have been making and selling candles for years, without being completely satisfied. That changed a few years ago, when I was introduced to the Golden Brand family. It is a definite no fuss wax that puts out a big throw, hot and cold.

I use the Premier WI wick 775-777 on a 3-3.5 inch jar and get the perfect candle everytime!! Also, I heat to 180 and pour between 150 and 145.

What else can I say, other than thanks Golden Brand 464, for saving the day!!

Simply the best!
Submitted on 2013-06-21

Golden Brand 464 is by far the best on the market. I have been making and selling candles for years, without being completely satisfied. That changed a few years ago, when I was introduced to the Golden Brand family. It is a definite no fuss wax that puts out a big throw, hot and cold.

I use the Premier WI wick 775-777 on a 3-3.5 inch jar and get the perfect candle everytime!! Also, I heat to 180 and pour between 150 and 145.

What else can I say, other than thanks Golden Brand 464, for saving the day!!

Submitted on 2013-06-11

For those wanting tips on smooth tops for their candles; i've noticed that certain oils give a frosty look, i usually heat to atleast 180 and pour at 170, i have got about 98% smooth tops, if not frosting with lavender and chamomile only so far, and if i do have craters or dips they are small and actually i havent had a problem selling these either. 464 is what i have used and it works great for me. i'm not too familiar with wicks, my candles are between 3.5" and 4.5"...what wicks would be best?

Great wax!!
Submitted on 2013-06-01

I have been making and selling candles since 2006 with this wax you need to pour your candles at a higher temp or you will have problems with creators and holes on your candles. It just takes practice, I had the same problem when I first started using this wax until I figured it out. You do get excellent scent throw with this wAx and the price is great. Don't give up just play with it a little and I do think humidity plays a factor for the woman in flicking in Florida. I was making candles in the basement and in the winter with cooler temp and less humidity I had better results. Hope this helps.

Beginner's Luck, or is it the Wax??
Submitted on 2013-05-18

I am a new candle maker, and so far I love the GB 464! I use 1lb of the wax with 1oz of fragrance. I heat to 185, add fragrance and dye chip, stir gently but thoroughly for a few minutes, and pour at 135. This process has produced perfect candles using the 8oz tins and 8oz jelly jars. There is no, or extremely minimal, frosting. The tops are smooth and pretty, no craters or frosting. Using the proper wick from the wick guide, the candle burns perfectly, with a melt pool that extends across the entire container. Oh and the scent throw is fine - I've tried several of the soy-rated fragrances and they smell great and you can begin to smell the fragrance in the air very shortly after lighting the candle. I think the key is to be very precise in your process, and stir gently so as not to introduce tiny air bubbles into the wax. But so far I'm a huge fan, and have already sold over a dozen of my candles, they really do come out perfectly and everyone loves them!

soy wax
Submitted on 2013-04-16

I purchased gw 464 wax from cs for the first time. I have always ordered from another company. My candles are burning straight down not burning evenly leaving wax all over the sides of my jars. Can anyone help me.

Excellent Hot/Cold Throw
Submitted on 2013-03-18

Once you go Golden Brands 464, you never go back. In my native language, that rhymes.

Excellent wax. Great cold and hot throw. A bit too frosty though, however, you can add a little vybar 260 (1 teaspoon per 1lb) to get smooth tops.

Great throw(hot/cold), but not pretty surface.
Submitted on 2013-03-13

ive been using soy 415(100% soy) and i had lots of problem with HOT scent throws, so i tried switching to soy 464. thought that since its not pure soy, it will reduce A LOT of frosting, and have EXTREMELY smooth tops. but i was wrong, it has a lot of frosting. and first pours are always pretty for me. but after the first burn i get craters, bubbles (foam looking), weird bumpy surfaces!!! the only good thing is the throw. i get both cold and hot, but i would have to use 1&1/2 per pound. i heat my wax 175-185. usually 185. add color, and fragrance, and then mix for a minute to two, and then let cool till 135, 125, 100, 90 degrees. ive tried it all and my candles(containers) are always frosting. and after first burn they have deformed surfaces. i have even tried adding a tiny little bit to medium amount of paraffin wax to see if have better surfaces. it does make the surface look a lot smoother, but it takes away the hot scent throw if anyone can help me solve this problem or have any suggestions please email me at

Submitted on 2013-03-08


A little goes a long way!
Submitted on 2013-02-27

This is my first time trying the Golden Brands 464. I measured out 1lb plus 1/2 cup extra for a couple tarts like normal. I made a 16oz jar candle and 6 tarts last night. Had leftover for this morning in case I had a crater in my candle. I only had a small crater so I reheated my wax, filled that up and STILL had enough left over for a clamshell plus 6 more tarts! Loving this soy right now!!

BTW: I heated to 177 and poured at 160.

nice tops ..but need some help!!
Submitted on 2013-01-11

My tops are flawless with this wax. i use eco 14 wick. When I lit my first batch it was fine..but when i checked this morning it had a crater hole :(. I melt at 185° and pour at 135°. I really really want o start selling but i want to have perfect product..inside and out. Someone please help..any pointers on this issue and where and how To start selling are greatly appreciated :) ..thanks so much !

Submitted on 2013-01-03

I have had success with this wax while in California.
Here in Florida I have tried all the recommended wicks with various levels of fragrance and formulas.
Every candle I have made smokes when burned.? Does
climate (like humidity) play a role in candle making?
Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

464 Golden Brand
Submitted on 2012-09-03

I have bought many 50 lb boxes of this soy and have always been very happy with it until this last box I got. It was like one big clump of soy, it was hard to dig apart to measure, nothing but a total mess. When I measured the soy from this box it did not give the the same measurement from any other box I purchased. For example I measured 1lb from this box which was heavier and got less liquid wax from the same amount I used from a different box of soy measuring 1lb. I assume it was due to it being wet and weight was heavier so my calcuations were not coming out correct. This made it very difficult to measure the correct amountof soy for the amount of candles I wanted per oz of scent. I am on the last of it now and sure hope I NEVER get another box like this. I called and they told me it was because it was left out in the heat. It wasnt left in the heat by me it was sent to me this way!

So pleased =)
Submitted on 2012-03-29

Love this wax. I have to pour mine between 170 and 160 degrees to get the smooth tops, but this wax is excellent.

Great Wax.
Submitted on 2012-03-17

I can see why this wax is a best seller! I got my order yesterday, after having scent throw issues with Ecosoya CBA and I am so glad that I did! I am burning my 4oz tester now, and I can smell it! Before I had pretty tops and no scent. Now I have pretty tops and a great scent throw from even my 4oz candle! I used .5 oz of cotton candy with my 1oz of peach and it smells yummy. Reminds me of the carnival. Thank you CS for helping me with my wax issues!!

my new wax
Submitted on 2012-03-07

I have been using Ecosoya advanced for some time, but purchased this on a whim. I am so glad that I did! I have not expereinced any problems with craters on the tops of my candles. I used suggestions and poured at 170 and have no problems!! this is gonna be my new wax from now on great hot & cold throw cant wait to see my candles at a upcoming event.

Perfect Wax
Submitted on 2012-02-26

I burned through about 10 lbs of wax due to testing, and because I am a newbie, I just had to try many variables. I poured some 8 oz ball jars that were slightly warmed at 120 and I am literally beside myself at how creamy and wonderfully beautiful these candles are! I thought of trying another wax, but... never mind.

Great Wax !
Submitted on 2012-02-15

I had been looking for a good container wax that was one pour, had trouble finding one that was just pure soy until now. I followed the directions to a t the first time and poured @135 and did not have a flawless top but after dropping the pour temp to 120 I had a smooth creamy finish everytime after that with my candles.So now not only do they smell good they look good too!

The Best Wax
Submitted on 2011-12-16

After researching how to make candles and where to buy wax, I decided on using this soy wax. When I made my first batch of candles, they were flawless. The color was amazing and the fragrance was better than the two candles I bought at Yankee Candle Co. They burned perfectly also.

Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax
Submitted on 2011-12-11

I used this wax, it is very messy. I have sink holes in the top of all of my candles.

Nice Soy Container Wax
Submitted on 2011-11-01

This wax works really well. I followed all instructions carefully and the result was a nice smooth candle with powerful scent throw.

Easy to work with and excellent scent throw!
Submitted on 2011-09-27

This was my first time using the GB464 soy wax and I was very pleased with the results! I added 10% FO @ 185 degrees (no dyes)and poured @ 135 degrees. Glass adhesion was perfect and the scent throw is amazing! Thanks CandleScience, I will be reordering again soon!

Submitted on 2011-07-25

I used a more expensive wax and loved it but being new to this wanted to try others. Well no more! I love this wax. I went through 15 or so pounds to get the candle I want. I asked around and I found that all the info on melt points were too high. I have found the perfect formula for me and have even found with this wax you can get oils that do not do well in soy to work great with cold and hot scent throw. I have been in business for 2 months and already have my candles in 7 speciality shops and on many occasions been compared to Yankee Candle. I love this wax and I love Candlescience. You cannot go wrong with this wax!!!!

Submitted on 2011-07-16

I was so excited I mistyped the last line...I meant I wish I had started with GB 464 but I am glad I have it now. All experience makes me a better candle maker...

Submitted on 2011-07-16

I started making candles two years ago. I will save you the heartache and pain stories (we candle makers have enough of those to keep us up for a week typing). I started with nature wax c3...hmm. It has taken me until NOW to actually get the results I desired with it. I used EcoSoya CB Advanced last week. Beautiful candles with NO HOT THROW WHATSOEVER! I followed instructions to the T. But then...ahhh, I ordered a 50 lb. case of Golden Brands 464 and I tell you, my heart skipped a beat when I woke up this morning and saw the beautifully set candles with great cold throw. I could not wait until the proper cure time to test burn so I did one 8 hours after I poured and a 4 oz. Jelly Jar Vanilla scented I wish I had but I am oh so grateful I have it now..Thank you Candlescience, I love your helpful website! A treasure it is!

pretty good stuff
Submitted on 2011-04-20

I played around with this wax for a bit but I found my stride with it. My candles have been consistent every time I make them and they burn pretty evenly.

Submitted on 2010-09-10

At first we had nothing but problems with this wax, the candle tops were full of craters (holes) the sides were frosted and had wet spots, once and a while we would get one or two nice candles, well after alot of playing around with melt and pour temps we have finally been getting perfect candles with a melt temp of 175 and pour temp @ 170 we have not had one bad candle since. Hope this helps others that may be having problems also.

Practice Makes Perfect
Submitted on 2010-04-27

Ive had trouble using this wax in the beginning getting scent oil on top of my candles. I finally decided to change the pour temp to 160 degrees and yet to have a problem with my candles since.

Best soy wax ever!!!!!!!!!
Submitted on 2010-04-16

I love this doy wax works great!!!! This is the only one I trust!

This is to the previous post...
Submitted on 2010-04-10

I had the same problem with a batch. No matter what I did the wax would not solidify correctly with the oil. I tried insanely to fix the problem making over 30 candles. I still have the 50lb box sitting there not being used, but thankfully when I ordered the next case there was no problems at all. So its not just you!

Having problems with this wax
Submitted on 2010-03-13

I wrote a previous review for this wax and gave it a great rating. Snice that time...The last 50 lb box that I purchased was a nightmare! I had scent oil coming to the top of my candles. Usually this only occured after I smoothed the tops with a heat gun.(which I have always done with all the waxes that I have used and I have NEVER had a problem) I recieved a lot of support from CS and we were never really able to come to a definate conclusion. Has anyone else ever had this problem? If so ....please email me at

"air bubbles/wells" forming near wicks
Submitted on 2010-03-01

I really do like this wax - however - i am finding that i get "air bubbles/wells" near the wicks in 1 out of 4 candles i make. i am able to somewhat fix this situation and have tried everything suggested to me to keep this from happening. Not sure why 3 candles can be fine and only one will have a hole.....I might rethink reordering this wax...

i do love the way it looks-very creamy and burns clean & even.

So Easy!!
Submitted on 2010-02-25

Just recvd my order yesterday, and was amazed how easy it was to make my candles. I now have a new craft under my belt!!! Simply the BEST!!!!!!!

Submitted on 2009-10-16

I love love love this wax! My candles cure perfectly!

Submitted on 2009-09-07

Made my first candles with your 464.... Beautiful!!! I have used some other brands in the past... CS you have a WINNER and a forever client!!!
Thanks so much`!

Submitted on 2009-08-31

I just got my first shipment of GB 464 soy wax and made some candles with it today and I LOVE IT wow so easy to use I put in bird of paradise scent and its wonderful this is my favorite wax ever! one pour and as others have said nice creamy top.

My New Favorite Soy
Submitted on 2009-08-27

Finally, a one pour Soy with a smooth creamy top. This will be my choice of container soy from now on.

Best wax yet !!
Submitted on 2009-02-13

I have used many soy waxes. This is by far the best. Tops sometimes need a little work with the heat gun but I get a very smooth looking jar candle. This is the first time I used this wax and it will be the only one I use in the future.

Beautiful, easy wax
Submitted on 2008-11-04

This wax produces a beautiful smooth creamy appearance with great scent throw! Very, very easy to use. I have tried many different waxes includung Eco-Soy and this is the one I will stay with. Thank you for a great product at a great price!

SO easy to work with
Submitted on 2008-10-27

I have been making soy wax candles for over 5 years and just finally found this wax this fall. It is SO easy to work with - it really streamlines the process and it takes almost no time to crank out a whole bunch of candles!

Easy to use- Amazing scent throw
Submitted on 2008-08-20

I was having trouble finding a soy wax with amazing scent throw until I tried this wax. Very easy to use once you get the hang of it and the scent throw is insane! My all time favorite soy wax out there and I have really tried almost all of them!