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AAK Soy Wax

Produced from American soybeans, AAK Golden Wax is 100% soy wax for making natural soy candles in jars, tins, and ceramic vessels.

If you're looking for natural soy wax, look no further! AAK's Golden Wax is a favorite among beginner and experienced candle makers alike.

AAK Golden Wax is packaged in convenient flakes, which makes it easy to scoop, pour, and melt.

Lower prices on AAK soy wax cases

Prices for 45 lb cases of 415, 444, 454, and 464 soy wax have been reduced!

With cases now as low as $94.42, we’re thrilled to pass on these important savings to you. We make every effort to reduce costs whenever possible so you can have the best products for your hobby or business–for less.

soy wax for containers and tealights

Explore our bestselling soy wax for containers and tealights produced from US grown soybeans.

100% additive-free soy wax

Looking for a pure soybean oil wax with no additional additives? This container wax might be perfect for you.

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