All-Natural Candle Wicks for Soy, Paraffin, and Natural Wax Blends.

Give your candles the proper glow with candle wicks from CandleScience. Whether you're making container, pillar, or votive candles, we have the right wick for the job.

Looking for the right wick for your candles?

Not to fear! Consult our Wick Guide for help choosing the right wick for your candle project.

Pretabbed Candle Wick Assemblies

All of our pretabbed candle wicks are constructed from all natural ring-spun cotton and are metal free. Our wicks also have a high melt natural wax coating for maximum rigidity and easy handling.


Golden Brands Soy Wax:

- CD Wick Series

- ECO Wick Series 

EcoSoya Soy Wax

- LX Wick Series

 Paraffin Wax:

- LX Wick Series

For Soy and Paraffin Wax:

- CD Wick Series

Spooled Candle Wick

Our spooled candle wicks can be used with our seamless pillar molds to make beautiful round pillar candles. Spooled candle wicks are also handy for creating custom wick lengths.  All of our spooled candle wicks are uncoated (Raw Wick) and are constructed from natural ring-spun cotton. 

Recommended Wick For Soy Pillar Candles: 

- ECO Wick Spools