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candle wick

Give your candles the proper glow with all-natural candle wicks for soy, paraffin, and natural wax blends.

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Looking for the right wick for your candles? Consult our Candle Wick Guide for help choosing the right wick for your candle project.
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Pretabbed candle wick assemblies

Spooled candle wick

Pretabbed wicks for candle making.

Choosing the right wick size

Learn how to find the proper sized wick for your candles.

Candle burn test.

How to conduct a burn test

Conducting a burn test help you find to right type of candle wick and size for your candle application.

Pretabbed wicks for candle making.

What are pretabbed wick assemblies?

Learn more about what a wick assembly is, how it's made, and what each component does.