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Cosmetic UV Inhibitor
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Specifically designed for melt and pour soaps, lotions, and water soluble bath products, our cosmetic UV inhibitor is used to help prevent colors from fading due to ultraviolet or "UV" exposure. Recommended usage rate is .5-2%.

For melt and pour soap, lotions, and water soluble bath products. Not for lip products or cold/hot process soap.

INCI: Benzophenone-1


Melt and pour soaps, lotions, and water-soluble bath products
Prop 65 Warning Required

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1 out of 5 Stars.
Didn’t work for me.

So, my first issue… there isn’t any directions on how to use the product… it just says to use .5-2%. So, I used 2% of my FO.

When I put it in my batter it turned this bright mustard yellow… which put me in a panic and didn’t add any FO or Mica to it (so it wasn’t reacting to that)… and decided to not use the batter for a layer of my 50 bar batch of soap and put pour it into it’s own mold.

Thank God I didn’t use it. Within 3 days it turned to a dark brown… this would of completely ruin my 50 bar batch if I would of use it.

I’m really confused… why have a UV inhibitor when it’s turning the soap to a dark brown…

Also, if someone tries to use this just be careful for the tip of the bottle… it doesn’t stay inside the bottle…

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2024-03-04

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to leave your review. We're so sorry to hear you've experienced some discoloration in your recent batch, and we'd love to learn more about what you're seeing so that we can better assist. One of our Support Agents has reached out to help!