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paraffin wax

Premium paraffin waxes formulated for container, pillar and votive candles, plus wax melts. Paraffin wax is an ideal choice for highly fragranced candles with exceptional scent throw.

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Paraffin wax for candles

What is paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product created when crude oil is refined. It is a white, odorless solid that is typically formed into 10 lb. slabs for easier handling. Paraffin is the most commonly used candle wax today.

The benefits of using paraffin wax

  • Of the different types of candle wax on the market, paraffin wax is the most time tested. There is lots of information available about candle-making with paraffin.
  • Most candle fragrances and dyes were formulated for paraffin, so they work quite reliably. You can achieve bold colors and strong fragrance throw with paraffin wax. Note: our fragrance oils and dyes also work very well in natural waxes.
  • Paraffin candles don’t frost like candles made with natural waxes. The consistent, attractive appearance and predictability of paraffin wax makes it a pleasure to work with!
How to make paraffin container candles learning guide

How to make simple paraffin container candles.

Learn how to make paraffin container candles with this easy-to-follow video.

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Types of paraffin wax

  • Low melt point paraffin - paraffin with a melting point less than 130° F. This type of wax is soft and adheres well to the sides of containers and jars. It’s the best choice for container and tealight candles.
  • High melt point paraffin - paraffin with a melting point greater than 130° F. With a higher melting point, this type of wax is harder and provides structural rigidity for use in votive and pillar candles.

Still considering natural wax? Check out our soy wax options.

Paraffin wax for container candles and tealights

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Paraffin-natural wax blends for containers or pillars

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Get the best qualities of paraffin and natural waxes with these blends of soy wax and coconut wax

The best paraffin wax for beginners

For new candle makers, and anyone wanting to try paraffin wax, we highly recommend IGI 6006. It's a bestseller for a reason!

IGI 6006 is a paraffin-soy wax blend for containers and tealights. It's easy to use, has excellent color retention when dyed, and offers fantastic hot throw.

IGI 6006 Paraffin/Soy Blend Wax

IGI 6006 Paraffin/Soy Blend Wax

Our best-selling paraffin wax!

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