Blended Waxes Paraffin Soy Wax (BW-910)
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A blend of waxes might be your best option when you love what paraffin and soy each have to offer. Comparable to IGI 6006, BW-910 offers excellent fragrance throw in containers and tealights with the visual appeal and usability of soy. Compared with IGI 6006, this wax has a slightly lower melt point and pour temperature, and a more consistent coloration. It requires no additional additives - just add color and fragrance.

  • The weight on slabbed wax can vary slightly.
  • Cases contain 4 slabs of wax packaged together in a reinforced cardboard box.

To help you get the best results from BW-910 check out our lab notes.

For help choosing the right candle wax for your candles, visit our Wax Guide.

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Made in the USA


Wax Type Paraffin/Soy Blend
Appearance Opaque - Semi Gloss
Application Containers and Tea Lights
Max Fragrance 10%
Rec. Wick Series CD or LX
Melt Point 120º F
Pour Temp 160º F +/-5º
Prop 65 Warning No


Heat to 185°F using a double boiler. Add 6% of fragrances (1 oz. per pound of wax), remove from heat, and stir for two minutes. Pour at 160°F (+/-5°F). Allow candles to cure for two weeks for optimal fragrance throw.



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Re. BW910

I typically only use soy and only do Har or tin candles.
And have never used a blend.
But thought I’d try clam shell melts.
I heated to 185 then added fragrance then added dye. Cooled to 160 then poured in clam shell.
They are completely still very soft and don’t appear to be holding mold shape after 6 hrs.
What might have happen?
Any suggestions on how to get the proper mold technique?

CandleScience Reply

Thanks for your review! While BW-910 is a great container wax, it may be a bit soft for molded candles or wax melts. For wax melts and molded candles, we typically recommend a dedicated pillar wax but we'd love to see if we can provide some additional tips to help. A member of our Customer Support Team will be reaching out shortly!

Perfect container wax!

I’ve tested a few container waxes but this one performers SO well! It pours nicely, the tops are smooth, and on the few occasions I’ve gotten a little sinkhole or imperfection it melts easily with a heat gun and looks great! Amazing HT and CT, great both with and without color added. I tried (mostly on accident) using it in a mold for wax melts but it’s definitely too soft for that. It’s a perfect container wax and it’s now the only one I’ll use!



I’m new to candle making, so far so good with this wax, good scent throw, smooth tops I like this wax so far..


Great Wax

I initially had trouble using this wax in the apothecary jars but reached out and spoke with Cassi, we discussed a few options after doing some trouble shooting and I got a GREAT hot throw. It wasn't the wax, it was me. There is a bit of wet spots but nothing too serious. The wax cures so much better than soy wax for me with no sinkholes. I am so much happier with the result I've gotten using this wax. Sometimes we just need to be a little patient and continue testing even if it feels like we've done everything right.

Thank you so much for your kind support team at Candle Science,
Saljon Candle Company, Texas