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essential oils for candles or melts

Pure essential oils for candle makers who want high-quality, natural scents.

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Essential oils, wax, wicks, candle, and wick bars.

Essential oils for wax melts

Add naturally scented wax melts to your collection! The following essential oils perform well in wax melt applications, but are not recommended for candle making purposes.

Tutorials and tips for making essential oil candles

Discover the best ways to use natural essential oils in your candle making journey—because creating your own candles at home has never been easier or more rewarding.

introducing candlescience essential oils

Introducing CandleScience Essential Oils

What makes our essential oils different? Get all the details and advice for how to use these scents.

how to make soy candles with essential oils

Soy candles with essential oils.

Soy wax and essential oils are a perfect pair for natural candles. Learn how to make your own candles with these natural ingredients.

the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils

Essential oil and fragrance oil bottles

We dive into the details of fragrance oils and essential oils so you can decide what's best for you when making candles or melts.

Recommended candle and wax melt supplies

Candle containers, wicks, natural wax options, clamshells, paraffin wax, and more!