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Lemon Essential Oil
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Olfactive Description: Peely, Fruity, Floral, Green

Lemon essential oil is a juicy scent sure to boost your mood. Cold pressed from lemon peels originating in the United States, Brazil, or Argentina, this bright essential oil stands on its own and can serve as a top note in blends.

We recommend Lemon essential oil for use in candles, wax melts, tarts, and reed diffusers. It also makes citrus scented body products like bar soap, liquid soap, lotion, and scrubs.

Candle Maker’s Notes:
Overall, we found that Lemon essential oil to be a tricky product to work with in candles. First, this essential oil has a medium hot throw in candles, rating two leaves out of three on our soy performance scale. Testing can be difficult. We recommend not going over our recommended usage rate of 6%.  We found candles had a nice lemon scent at 6%, but at 9% the hot throw transforms into an unpleasant scent. If you're seeking a strong, lemon fresh scent in soy wax with less trouble, we recommend trying Litsea Cubeba essential oil instead.

Blends Well With: Bergamot, Amyris, Pink Grapefruit, Black Pepper, and Lavender (Bulgaria)

Fragrance Wheel Family: Citrus

Vibe Check: Uplifting, Invigorating, Vibrant

Suggested Colors: Yellow

See our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants.

Storage Tip: Best stored refrigerated away from food products or in a cool, dark place.

Returns: Essential oils can only be returned with an unbroken, original seal on the bottle.

This Product has Shipping Restrictions
Due to the low flashpoint of this product it's not shippable by air.
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Botanical Name
Citrus Limon Peel
This product is not Certified Origin
Plant Part
Extraction Method
Cold Pressed
Soy Performance
2 of 3
113°F (45°C)
This product is not Prop 65 Warning Required

Recommended Applications

This product is Candle Safe usage: up to 6.0%
This product is Bar Soap Safe usage: 1.0% - 6.0%
This product is Liquid Soap Safe usage: 0.5% - 1.0%
This product is Lotion Safe usage: 0.5% - 2.0%
This product is Room Spray Safe usage: up to 2.0%
This product is not Perfume Safe
This product is Diffuser Base Approved usage: up to 20.0%
Usage amounts are recommendations only. Individual usage amounts can vary based on your desired essential oil strength, wax type, soap base, or lotion base. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels. Bottles filled by weight, levels may vary.

Cold Process Soap Performance


Lye Water Temperature 112ºF (44.4°C)
Oil Temperature 108ºF (42.2°C)

We did not experience any acceleration or separation. This oil was slow to reach a light trace and held the light trace for a long time. We continued stick blending to a medium trace. The batter poured smoothly into the mold and did not thicken. After 24 hours, we observed a slight yellow discoloration and the soap loaf gelled approximately ¾ of the way through. The scent was strong. After 30 days we found the scent had faded, leaving the soap bars smelling vaguely of citrus. The discoloration remained a very light yellow.

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3 out of 5 Stars.
5 reviews

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5 out of 5 Stars.

I mixed this EO with Sweet Orange and Petitgrain EO to make an EO soap resembling Orange Blossom. I added the Lemon to help round out the zestiness and freshness and at first upon mixing the EOs, I was afraid it had become muted but after slicing my soap and letting it cure for some time, I'm really pleased with the result. I can smell hints of Lemon, just as I hoped I would!

As with any citrus EO, the scent did fade a bit but I used kaolin clay to help anchor the scent but so far so good.

5 out of 5 Stars.
Accurate and Quality!

Love this scent. It brightens up my blends perfectly and adds a hint of sweetness.

5 out of 5 Stars.

I got these EOs to make soaps and room sprays and so far, I've only used this to make a room spray blend with other EOs. Lemon emulsified easily with my room spray base and isopropyl alcohol and it came out beautifully! I love how the lemon outshines the other EOs in my blend without overpowering them. And the scent lingered just as long as my FO room sprays.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Not a fan

I was excited to get a lemon scent but it was not good at all. I used 1 lb of wax 464 to 1 ounce of lemon eo .

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2023-04-05

Hi Teri! Thanks so much for your review. We're so sorry to hear the Lemon Essential Oil didn't meet your needs. Blending is a great way to give a new life to oils that didn't work out. If you'd like to try blending, we recommend Bergamot, Amyris, Pink Grapefruit, Black Pepper, or Lavender (Bulgaria) Essential Oils, but blending with fragrance oils can create some fantastic fragrances, too!

If you think you may want to try blending your Lemon EO with a fragrance oil, we'd recommend testing with Honeysuckle Jasmine, Macintosh Apple, Cashmere Musk, Woodland Snow, Frosted Juniper, Ginger and Spice, or Orchard Pear.

1 out of 5 Stars.
Scent isn't great

464 wax, 5% EO, strong HT, weak CT. Really the scent is just "off". It's clearly lemon OOB, but when it burns it just smells a little weird--it's doesn't give off a lemon scent, just a warm burning smell that I can't quite describe. If you want lemon, get the Litsea Cubeba--it's a great lemony smell.

CandleScience Profile Avatar
CandleScience responded: 2023-03-01

Hey Lauren! Thanks for taking the time to leave your product review and for allowing us to help today!